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Borderland Crimes, Podcast 8: Mass murder & cover-up – the Porvenir massacre

EL PASO, Texas -- An El Paso woman learned a horrible secret about her family: Her great-grandfather had been massacred, along with 14 other men and boys, on Jan. 28, 1918.

When Arlinda Valencia learned who was to blame for the terrible act, she realized more needed to be done to expose the dark past of a legendary law enforcement agency, the Texas Rangers.

You can learn more about the massacre by visiting

Stephanie Valle

Stephanie Valle co-anchors ABC-7 at 5, 6 and 10 weeknights.



  1. That’s real fine, Stephanie you Liberal shill, why don’t you pour salt on an open wound. You could’nt find a better time to express your hatred for Texas and it’s Conservative roots than now when the country could use a break from your hate? You are no more than a coward like Parker and the rest of your Liberal “News” station. And I dare you cowards to to leave my post up, but as usual you will censor what you don’t like to hear or read!

    1. Sounds like you could use a Valium. Are you denying that the early Texas Rangers were rapists and killers who drove hispanics off their land for the Armstrongs and Klebergs? What the devil does this fact have to do with being conservative. Are you saying that conservatives approve of rape and murder by law enforcement?

      1. Thank you Stephanie for your educational and apolitical story about these crimes by the Texas Rangers. Its well documented history that all true Texans should be aware of and many are not. Being aware of our history is neither liberal or conservative.

      2. The point is if it’s all about unity and kumbaya like the left preaches she could have picked a better time, I dare say everyone’s past “kin” has skeletons they are’nt proud of and this was over a century ago so why now Stephanie? You just want to push a little more hate, reporter my @ss

        1. Why don’t you put the blame for the spread of hate where it belongs and where it started? With Donald John Trump, the leader of the ‘basket of deplorables’?

  2. And the comment about the Texas Rangers being murderers and rapists, stop already there was a lot more good done by them then what your very short comment says

  3. Arlinda just knew she had to expose their dark past, why Arlinda? Should we also bring up the Vice President and her ancestors that owned slaves? No I don’t really think it helps in any way. That history should’nt be forgotten but at the same time, when you bring it up what good can come of it? Stephanie played you so she could have something to put her name so she can read her story and feel good about herself cuz, she’s important, just ask her

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