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El Paso Community Foundation
Gozo's Ice Cream

ABC-7 is partnering with the El Paso Community Foundation to recognize the selfless service of Borderland residents who, through their actions, have a positive impact in the community and inspire others to do the same.

The goal of the campaign is twofold: The Do-Gooder gets a prize, but more importantly, the El Paso Community Foundation will give $1,000 in the Do-Gooder’s name to an organization of their choice. The charity must be a 501(c) 3. In this way, their good deed is truly amplified and more Do-Gooders will be incentivized to make a difference in our community.

ABC-7 and the El Paso Community Foundation thank our supporting sponsor, Gozo's Ice Cream.

It’s simple to apply! Just explain how the Do-Gooder makes a difference in our community, and include a photo.

Entries will be reviewed by the El Paso Community Foundation. A winner will be selected every month and featured on ABC-7 newscasts.

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