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Covid-19 continues its grim record-setting pace in Texas

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AUSTIN, Texas — The coronavirus continues to cut its record-setting swath through Texas as state officials reported a record 10,351 new cases for the day Saturday.

That brought the total cases of Covid-19, the illness caused by the virus, to just over a quarter-million dating to the start of tracking in early March.

The true number of cases though is likely higher because many people have not been tested, and studies suggest people can be infected and not feel sick.

A record 10,083 Covid-19 patients are hospitalized, while 99 new fatalities were reported Saturday. The total is second only to the record 105 reported Thursday and brought the state’s overall death toll to 3,112.

Harris County had the most active cases with almost 27,000, with Dallas County coming in a distant second with almost 13,000. El Paso County had over 3,300 actives cases as of Saturday.

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