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El Paso reports 1 new virus death, but over 100 deaths are currently under investigation

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EL PASO, Texas (KVIA) -- El Paso's coronavirus death toll now stands at 419 after the Department of Public Health announced one new death.

The victim was identified as a man in his 90s with underlying health conditions.

The health department also announced 108 new cases and two "delayed" positive results. These are results that the health department said it just now received from the state, even though the results are actually weeks old.

There have now been 20,460 confirmed Covid-19 cases in El Paso County. Health officials have reported 16,906 recoveries and said there are 3,029 known active cases.

ABC-7 reached out to officials for a better understanding of how this metric is calculated. The health department explained it gets this number by subtracting reported recoveries, deaths under investigation and confirmed Covid-19 deaths from the total number of confirmed cases.

Deaths under investigation is a relatively new metric being released and there are currently 106 deaths being investigated. A spokeswoman explained that these are people who had Covid-19 when they died - but it does not necessarily mean that the virus was their cause of death, and that's why they are being investigated.

Hospitalizations as of Monday morning decreased from 133 to 124; there are 53 patients in intensive care and 28 are on ventilators.

For a complete look at El Paso's Covid-19 data, click here.

Mauricio Casillas

El Paso native Mauricio Casillas co-anchors ABC-7’s Good Morning El Paso.



    1. In some states, the underlying condition was a motorcycle accident, but written off as COVID in order to get federal money and try to affect the election.

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    2. I’ll tell you this it’s real and people get real sick. The number is irrelevant because it’s manipulated for political reasons on both sides. What’s important is protect yourself because you can get sick and get healthy.

  1. you know what gets me most about career politicians……they’re all bout themselves. Escobar-Pleters has no problem blaming trump for EVERYTHING including the virus….she’ll take part in press conferences for victims of tragedies to get t.v. time, she’ll send U.S. lawyers to Juarez to help asylum seekers……residents in the lower valley are getting their water turned off and there’s ZERO protests, ZERO celebrities offering to pay (but they bail out looters) and where is the congressional rep….nowhere cause they don’t care bout you. Look at each candidate and judge them on POLICY, learn and read. Social media is not news and all lamestream is biased

  2. The CDC website has that only 6% of all the reported COVIN deaths are actually tied to the virus. So around 9000 out 157000 were actual virus caused. For this we shut down a 30 trillion dollar economy?

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