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Feds say El Paso man sold ‘fraudulent’ Covid-19 prevention treatments

Hugo Chico, accused of selling phony Covid-19 prevention treatments.

EL PASO, Texas – Federal authorities have obtained an injunction against an El Paso man to prevent him from selling what they have called fraudulent Covid-19 treatments.

Hugo Chico, 39, has been barred from selling Covid-19 prevention treatments through his business and his Facebook page “Centro de Medicina Fisica y Rehabilitacion.”

The announcement was made by U.S. Attorney John Bash’s office on Friday afternoon.

According to Bash’s office, Chico allegedly met with undercover agents on Oct. 5 to sell and administer Covid-19 prevention treatments.

“This action will ensure Chico, and any others working with him, stop advertising or performing Covid-19 treatments,” a statement from prosecutors read. “In doing so, the government is employing a federal statute that permits federal courts to issue injunctions to prevent harm to potential victims of fraudulent schemes.”

Those who have received this treatment are asked by prosecutors to contact Homeland Security Investigators at (915) 730-7012. Those individuals are also encouraged by officials to get tested for Covid-19.

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David Burge



  1. You could sell bottled city tap water that will work better than what this quack sold. At least it is treated with chlorine. The CDC says chlorine kills the virus.

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