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Traveling nurse says El Paso’s Covid-19 crisis is worse than it was New York City

EL PASO, Texas --A traveling registered nurse is calling out University Medical Center claiming the hospital is not doing enough to save lives. Her criticism aimed at UMC was mainly directed at doctors, claiming some won't tend to Covid-19 positive patients.

"We as nurses, it's ok for us to be exposed but you as doctors, you do not even come in there," Lawanna Rivers said. "You can't get exposed but we can, and y'all are the ones making all the money."

Rivers also makes claim that UMC does not do enough to help critical patients. Rivers makes reference to patients coding, and UMC not having a stringent enough CPR procedure.

"This hospitals policy was they only get three rounds of CPR which was only six minutes, this out of all the codes we had, there is not a single patient that made it," Rivers said.

Rivers believes UMC is not treating patients aggressively enough to increase their survival rate, even alleging preferential treatment to a doctor's wife led to the patient surviving.

"If those doctors there would aggressively treat those patients from the beginning a lot more would make it," Rivers said. "The nurse that orientated me had one patient she was called the 'VIP' patient, she was a doctor's wife. And when I say they pulled out all the stops for that woman, it was nothing that they didn't do for that woman and guess what she was the one patient that made it out of that ICU alive."

Along with the long hours for staff, and the capacity issues all area hospitals are dealing with, Rivers felt an added pressure speaking to family members asking about patients.

"To have the families call you night after night after night for an update, like anything was going to be different was horrific," Rivers said. "To know that the only way that those patients was coming out of that pit was in a body bag, I am not ok from an emotional mental standpoint."

ABC-7 reached out to UMC for a response to these allegations, they issued the following statement.

"After watching the video, while we cannot fully verify the events
expressed, we empathize and sympathize with the difficult, physical and
emotional toll that this pandemic takes on thousands of healthcare workers
here and throughout our country. This particular travel nurse was at UMC
briefly to help El Paso confront the surge of Covid-19 patients."

Below is this nurse's full 50-minute video commentary to view.

JC Navarrete

El Paso native JC Navarrete co-anchors ABC-7’s weekend newscasts and reports during the week.



  1. El Pisso’s a second class town with second class citizens and second class service. Can’t wait to get out of here. I NEVER should have come back after college. Biggest mistake
    I ever made.

    1. OriginalMAGAturd, looks like someone didn’t get to turn El Paso red like they thought they would. By all means, get the hell out of El Paso! We’ll even give you a goodbye present. You and your kind are not wanted here, a-hole!!

        1. Stats continually and historically show that Democrats are vastly more likely to have college degrees than Republicans who hold mostly high school diplomas.

  2. The original maga is a pissed off defeated trumper. Lol. Buuuuuh bye maggot. Take the other 5 with you. Jeff Allen/ madmike/ K1DPR etc. Don’t want you and don’t need you.

      1. Ha ha original maga. That’s your entire problem. You been preconditioned to think that way. By your moron family. I guarantee you I make more than you, I pay for you to wear your uniform and for your fat wife to hang out on base and enjoy what is taxpayers pay. So say thank you.

  3. I went to UMC El Paso TX due to sugar out of control they placed me on a respirator, this respirator bursted my lungs, they put plasma without my consent, in the fifth day the doctor asked me to firm a consent to be placed on a ventilator and I refused 18/10/2020. the doctor said “if you are not agree with the treatment you can go home.” I accepted what I considered an offer, dying in the hospital or dying in home. Acording to the doctor If I was disconected from the respirator I would die. Two days after leaving the hospital without any medicine, I went to Texas Tech, I had an appointment with my primary care doctor. The person on the desk denied me the service because she said “you escaped from the UMC.” The first week after leaving the hospital I had a bad time, I was not able to walk because I had breathing problems. I live alone so I was having problems with my diabetes out of control, not able to walk to make basics things such as to prepare food, etc. On 29/11/2020 I took a covid test and the result was negative. In my experience elderly people are killed in UMC El Paso Tx in the name of covid-19. When I saw this nurse crying I could not avoid the tears coming down because I know what she is talking about.

    1. So sorry Raul. I heard a very similar story for a friend who is a intensive care RN in LA. She says many of the doctors have an attitude that many of the patients being hospitalized can do just fine at home. I’ve also read that on a few Reddit threads.

      Eat as healthy as you can to get your diabetes under control.

  4. If these allegations are true then this hospital needs to lose its accreditation and those in charge must be jailed and have their license to pratice medicine revoked. If anyone is experiencing these problems, they should report it to the state medical examiner in Austin. They are mostly Democrats so they can be trusted.

      1. Original maga I would never trust a trumper. They will turn the other way knowingly Trump is spewing shit as always. They are easily enticed by garbage.

  5. Let me tell you i i worked for del sol and las palmas for over 9years and what your reading is true. I saw an older man beg a doctor, i really mean beg on knees and everything to please save his wife and everything to please save his wife, the doctor had refused to operate originally because He asked to many questions i have hundreds of stories about what really happens in hospitals, behind closed doors, the hospitals even have a code word they use when an individual has quit and the original hospital uses that code word during a reference check to literally black ball a person from ever working in the med field in el paso ever again. I have tried to tell the news people and they dont care. The directors of the depts are so petty they wont hire you if the girl they were attracted to dated you instead of them. Doctors having affairs with cna’s etc its crazy but as hard as it is to read and comprehend everything that this nurse said is true and also what i wrote. I know because i worked there.

  6. You know the people in high and important positions take advantage of the people lower down the totem pole. Im 55 years old and im behind in rent and i cant even get an interview at the circle k, and i have medical experience, management experience and tons more customer service experience and I cant find a job. I need help im behind on my rent and other bills, El Paso Strong my a-hole. We dont take care of our community. I know this comment might be way out there from the subject but it shows some of us could care less for our fellow man I know a director that works with the blind he has retired and receiving retirement money,but is till working in the same position so he’s drawing a pension and a top salary and the top brass at this so called place is ok with it. Hey lets give someone else a chance to make a nice living with that type of job and position. Im not sure if the man is still working because this was over a few years ago.

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