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The Nate-ure Report: Elephants have the largest brain of any mammal, but just how smart are they?

Juno the elephant at the El Paso Zoo.

EL PASO, Texas - In the latest installment of "The Nate-ure Report," ABC-7's Nate Ryan hangs out with the largest animal at the El Paso Zoo.

At roughly 10,000 pounds, it’s tough to miss the Two Asian Elephants at the Zoo, Juno & Savannah.

Most noticeably is the elephant trunk. The elephant trunk contains about 100,00 tiny muscles that help it eat, drink, and grab anything in its path.

At the Zoo, elephants put away about 300 pounds of food per day, including produce, vitamins, and even cardboard.

The elephant enclosure at the Zoo is made to resemble the dry forests and grasslands of Southeast Asia, where Asian Elephants dwell in the wild.

In the attached clip, Nate and Juno the elephant have a little fun. As elephants have the largest brain of any mammal, Nate puts it to the test by hiding Juno's food and seeing if she can find it!

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Nate Ryan

Nate Ryan is an ABC-7 sports anchor/reporter.


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