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Sunday Funday Moment: Summing up Motherhood with a picture and one sentence

Sunday Funday Moment: Mother's Day Edition

EL PASO, Texas-- Is it possible to sum up something as great as Motherhood with just one photo? Probably not, but it's worth a shot.

ABC-7's Iris Lopez asked El Paso moms to share a single photo that described what motherhood meant to them.

For 29-year-old mom Betty Avila, motherhood is about having family by your side to lift your spirits up as you battle stage 4 stomach cancer. With family by your side, the battles are always easier.

Courtesy: Betty Avila

For Sandra and Jess, motherhood is loving beyond measures.

Courtesy: Sandra Gallegos & Jess Jessie

For Beth Anne, motherhood is about teaching your children to take care of each other.

Courtesy: Beth Anne

For Susi, motherhood is struggling to take a good picture when they're teenagers!

Courtesy: Susi Mtz

For Stephanie, motherhood is doing anything for the ones you love.

For Elizabeth, motherhood is unconditional love.

Courtesy: Elizabeth Fierro

For Christina, motherhood means a mother's love is everything in the world.

For Dalia, motherhood is keeping the cat you rescued and planned to rehome because you love to see your kids smile.

Courtesy: Dalia Coler

Keep sharing your Mother's Day photos with us so we can feature them on-air and online. Click Here to share your photos.

Courtesy: Dalia Coler

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Iris Lopez

Iris Lopez is a weathercaster and reporter for ABC-7.


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