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Sunday Funday Moment: Local choir teacher, former students create virtual choir performance

Sunday Funday Moment: Local choir teacher, former students create virtual choir performance

EL PASO, Texas-- Although graduation season is over, one El Paso high school choir teacher wanted to gather as many of his former students together to sing a song for high school Seniors that had their senior years cut short due to the pandemic.

Joe Estala has been a music teacher for 21 years now. He was a former Montwood and Pebble Hills High School choir teacher.

Estala and his choir students always ended the school year with a traditional send off song for their choir seniors, 'It's Time to Go,' by Jay Althouse.

This year, COVID-19 ended the school year unexpectedly for all Seniors. However, Mr. Estala wanted to make sure the song was still performed for the class of 2020 despite the school year ending abruptly.

He sent out an email asking former Montwood High School and Pebble Hills High School choir members to send in a video of themselves singing the song at home. The idea was to put all the performances together to create a virtual choir performance.

Over 20 students responded to the email and the end result was a video that is sure to take other choir students down memory lane.

Courtesy: Joe Estala

Students in the video included alumni from Montwood high school and current students from Pebble Hills High School:

  • Danny Esteban Lugo, MHS c/o 2016
  • Ericka Aguirre Flores, MHS c/o 2003
  • Iris Lopez, MHS c/o 2005
  • Frank Ruiz, MHS c/o 1998
  • Mandy Villa-Rosales, MHS c/o 2004
  • Catarina Gutierrez, MHS c/o 2016
  • Josey Pickett, MHS c/o 2001
  • Salvador Perez, MHS c/o 2008
  • Shaun Valdez, MHS c/o 1998
  • Meagan Vargas Campos, MHS c/o 2003
  • "Luis ""Aby"" Perea," MHS c/o 2016
  • Erika Elizabeth Araujo, MHS c/o 2015
  • Matthew Pedregon, MHS c/o 1999
  • Adam quintana, MHS c/o 2008
  • Caesar Sanchez, MHS c/o 2008
  • Shelby Estala, MHS c/o 2015
  • Selestial Calderon, PHHS c/o 2021
  • Raul Romero, PHHS c/o 2021
  • Abigail Mimbela, PHHS c/o 2022
  • Emma Casillas, PHHS c/o 2022
  • Juaquin Salas, PHHS c/o 2022
  • Kayla Gonzalez, PHHS c/o 2021
  • Nathaniel Payan, PHHS c/o 2022
  • Fatima Alvarado, PHHS c/o 2022
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Iris Lopez

Iris Lopez is a weathercaster and reporter for ABC-7.


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