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Sunday Moment: Heartwarming video shows dad playing guitar for newborn son in NICU

Sunday Moment: Father plays guitar for newborn son in NICU

EL PASO, Texas-- One El Paso dad brought his love for music to his newborn son in the NICU center to bond with him and to provide him with a little musical therapy.

First time dad, Juan Valadez, wanted to make sure that his newborn son, Juan Jr. Knew that his dad was sitting right near him as he fought for his life in the Las Palmas Women's Center NICU.

“He’s overcoming so much. He’s fighting for his life so I’m proud of that," said Valadez who is a proud Air Force veteran as well as a musician.

“Since I’m a musician I’m sure he has it in his blood. So, I’m pretty sure he feels what I feel. I guess my passion for music it will be transparent for him,” said Valadez.

The journey for new parent’s Juan and Ana Araiza began long before Juan Jr. was born.

“The pregnancy was kinda rough. We knew that she was gonna experience some health problems in the beginning and we didn’t know if we were gonna make it or not,” said Valadez.

Because of the pandemic, mom and dad have had to take turns visiting their newborn son. One day, Juan decided he would grab his face mask and guitar and play a simple melody for his newborn son.

Juan and his newborn son inside of the Las Palmas NICU center private room.

“I actually closed the door and said hey if they kick me out at least I tried. The moment I started to play the guitar, he started smiling and moving and all that I’m pretty sure he feels it," said Valadez.

Juan Jr. will be well enough to head home with his parent's by November or even sooner. Juan Sr. hopes that by sharing this story with others it can inspire them to continue fighting and to never give up hope.

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Iris Lopez

Iris Lopez is a weathercaster and reporter for ABC-7.


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