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Sunday Funday Moment: Las Cruces boys raising funds to buy jackets for kids in need

Sunday Funday Moment: Las Cruces boys raising funds to buy jackets for kids in need

LAS CRUCES, NM-- Alexzander Trujillo and Jaxxon Hayes are on a mission to provide winter coats for one hundred children in need this holiday season.

Both boys may be young, but they are well aware of what's going on in the world these days.

“If kids get sick they would be more likely to get COVID and that’s why we would want them to have jackets so they won’t get sick,” said Alexzander.

That is what led both boys to wanting to pursue this random act of kindness for children in need in the Las Cruces community.

“Jaxx woke up on Monday and was like, 'I wanna donate jackets' and so Alex and Jaxx got together and put their video together," said Alex's mom, Jessica Dunn, "And then we posted a video online. We weren’t expecting so much support within the last couple days.”

Alex and Jaxx recorded a 24 second video asking for the communities help in donating money so they could buy enough winter coats for children in need during this winter season.

Alex and Jaxx's mom's originally posted this video on Facebook and have since received enough donations to buy 56 winter coats

Since posting the video on social media last week, the boys have raised enough money to buy 56 winter coats but they're hoping the community can help them raise even more coats.

“We’re going to be giving it to the county and they’ll distribute it to families. We would be really grateful for the donations we get," said Alex.

"And we just wanted to help our community," said Jaxx.

For Jasmine and Jessica, seeing their two young boys spend their free time giving back to their community is something that makes them proud.

“It’s just been a hard year on everyone and we just don’t know where people are at you know," said Jessica, "There’s just a lot of loss going on and we just wanted be able to support in that way."

Those who would like to help Jaxx and Alex raise more funds to purchase new jackets can make donations through Venmo, PayPal and Zelle. Just search for the usernames below:

Venmo: @jazzyjaxx16

PayPal: dunnskii

Zelle: jazzitup35@hotmail

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Iris Lopez

Iris Lopez is a weathercaster and reporter for ABC-7.


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