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Sunday Funday Moment: Love Alumni Boutique aims at supporting small businesses and giving back to community

Sunday Funday Moment: Love Alumni Boutique

El Paso, Texas-- Love Alumni Boutique’s traveling bus is more than just a boutique and gift shop on wheels; It’s a traveling bus that aims at supporting local small businesses while still giving back to our community.

"This bus we actually bought it from a man that was using it as an ice cream truck and it was black and rusted and it wasn't very easy on the eyes,” said Malorie Delgadillo Mckinney, owner and founder of Love Alumni Boutique.

(Love Alumni Boutique sits outside of Chuco Relic for their VIP event)

Her collective business is home to over 14 women owned businesses that sell items ranging from jewelry, to bath products and even clothing.

"Love Alumni Boutique is about women business,” explained Mckinney.

After an unpleasant experience with her own brick and mortar shop, she knew she had to think outside the box to continue her passion for making art and jewelry.

"This time I wanted to make sure I did something that would work better for me financially," said Mckinney, "But I also felt it was just a better opportunity to help other women because we plan on traveling and doing a summer tour so that way we give more exposure to not only my business but to the other women owned businesses on the bus.”

On top of supporting other small businesses, McKinney is giving back to the community by donating a portion of her sales to local nonprofits.

"On top of that in the future we wold like to be setting up a portion of every sale because we want to offer a small amount of capital for women who want to start businesses,“ said McKinney, "Whether it's buying supplies or just anything that they might need to get started.”

McKinney is proud of the work she has accomplished, but no one is as proud as her youngest daughter who describes her mom as a hard working woman, and someone who loves to do amazing things.

And her husband who says that McKinney is the most ambitious person he knows and he is truly honored to be married to her.

Love Alumni Boutique hopes to partner with other local small businesses. You can follow the mobile boutique and see where the next pop-up location will be by clicking here.

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Iris Lopez

Iris Lopez is a weathercaster and reporter for ABC-7.


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