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Sunday Funday Moment: Award-winning twin musicians play special piano recital

Sunday Funday Moment: Award winning twin musicians play special piano recital

EL PASO, Texas-- Two El Paso twins are putting their piano skills to the test with a unique concert that you have the chance at watching later this afternoon.

Twins, Ryan and John Esparza have been playing the piano since they were about 5-years-old. Sunday afternoon they will have the chance to play together one last time before they both head to different states for their college careers.

"There was a piano in our grandma’s house we would always go over to our grandma’s house frequently so whenever we were over there instead of running outside playing tag we were inside playing the piano either together or separately and that’s something we always like to do,” said Ryan Esparza.

Last weekend, Ryan and John showed off their piano skills during a special concert that was one year in the making.

“This concert is special because it’s a four hand piano concert so that means that both John and I will be playing on the piano together as a duo,” said Ryan.

Both brothers have received numerous awards at the local and state level including solo and ensemble competitions and El Paso Society of Musicians for the Future.

"We’ve also joined the competition for young musicians and we’ve been a finalist in that twice already which is a pretty big accomplishment and I'm proud of us for doing that,” said John Esparza.

Both brother's credit their aunt, Anne Esparza, for helping them appreciate the beauty of music at such a young age.

"She also played the piano and she lived in our grandmas house and she’s the one that would guide us and help us learn the piano," said John, "And she’s been a really big part in helping us and guide us in learning the piano.”

Both brother's will be heading out to college this month to pursue different career paths. John will be studying environmental studies at the University of Arizona and Ryan will be studying Health Science on the Pre-med track at Baylor university.

Although both brother's will be pursuing career paths other than music, they still urge young kids who have a passion for music to continue pursuing those dreams.

"Dream big. Don't get fearful of the hard journey and all of the things that you might come across," said said Ryan.

"There’s just something about music that just uplifts your soul something that’s kinda magical in a sense,” said John.

The brother's final concert will take place Sunday, August 15th at 3 o’clock at Trinity 1st United Methodist church in downtown El Paso. It is a free concert that is open to the public.

Iris Lopez

Iris Lopez is a weathercaster and reporter for ABC-7.


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