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ONLY ON ABC-7: Trump Campaign owes City of El Paso more than $470,000 for February rally

The City of El Paso is still waiting on a nearly half-million-dollar-payment from President Trump’s campaign for his February 11 MAGA rally at the El Paso County Coliseum.

The ABC-7 I-Team obtained the 29-page invoice from the City of El Paso that details the costs incurred which totals $470,417.05.

The city’s invoice bills Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. It is broken down by reimbursement owed across six departments:

Department of Aviation: $6,286.57 Fire Department: $60,630.84 Health Department: $528 Streets & Maintenance: $6,452 Sun Metro: $15,577.52 Police Department: $380,942.12

The invoice was dated March 27 with a due date of April 26, but as of April 29 the City of El Paso still has not received payment.

“I’m not sure about that,” Marc Lotter, Trump Campaign Director of Strategic Communications, told ABC-7 Saturday while speaking at a dinner hosted by the El Paso County Republican Party. “I’ll have to check with the accounting folks on that. And when that, about those bills, that’s not something that I’m aware of.”

The Trump Campaign did pay the $5,000 venue rental fee for the El Paso County Coliseum “immediately”, according to El Paso Sports Commission CEO Brian Kennedy.

ABC-7 is continuing to obtain more documents on the cost of President Trump’s rally, as well as Beto O’Rourke’s campaign kick-off event in March.



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