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Breast Cancer

Girl raises thousands of dollars for breast cancer research by selling pink lemonade

After her mother was diagnosed with cancer, 7-year-old- Brynne Rhodes started raising money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation by selling pink lemonade.

After raising thousands of dollars, Brynne started the Pink Lemonade Stand Challenge.

In an interview with the TODAY show, Bynne said, “It’s very exciting and it’s very relieving people are getting to know that breast cancer is a very important thing that we need to work on.”

Bynne now has a goal to have 50 stands in 50 states. Saturday, a PLSC booth was set up in El Paso.

El Paso representative for the BCRF and PLSC Elise Delatour says all proceeds go to BCRF, “The mission is to fund breast cancer research. We’re trying to spread our mission, so we really encourage family, friends ,organizations to come together .”

Delatour says everyone has a connection cancer and breast cancer.”I lost mother to breast cancer. I want my son, my friends, my whole family to not lose her memory, so this a way to keep her alive and continue on.”

The pink lemonade stand was set up at Its Boho Baby on the westside.

Owner of Its Boho Baby Nyehsa Bento told ABC-7, “Foundations like this, who taking the proceeds that they get, giving it to research and being able to help women find earlier detection of breast cancer, gives them a better fighting chance.”

For more information about the Pink Lemonade Stand Challenge, click here.





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