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El Paso Water begs residents to stop flushing gloves, masks down the toilet

EL PASO, Texas -- More than two weeks after El Paso Water and other water utilities warned residents to stop flushing protective equipment down the toilet, the problem persists. The utility warns the practice can lead to damaged equipment and clogged pipes, and rate payers will be left to foot the bill.

The utility says the problem is simple: people are using their toilets as trash cans. El Paso Water is reporting an increase of wipes, latex products and fabric being flushed, which can clog the water system and lead to damage at pumps at lift stations. In a four day period in late April, crews unclogged the four pumps at the Montwood Lift Station more than 20 times.

"It may not be affecting you today but it could be tomorrow," said Carlos Briano, a spokesman for El Paso Water. "It may not be your house, the clog, but let's say it does leave your house and it does make its way down our system. It may not make it to the lift station. It may clog your neighbor, your block."

Briano says toilets are only equipped to handle bodily waste and toilet paper. He warns that the practice is causing damage and overtime for workers that rate payers ultimately have to pay for.

"Every single thing the utility does is paid by the ratepayer," Briano said. "Every nickle these workers are having to go out there, every machine that has to get replaced is all 100% paid by the ratepayer."

To reduce waste, the CDC recommends using a reusable face mask as opposed to the type you might throw away.

Madeline Ottilie

Madeline Ottilie is a reporter on Good Morning El Paso and co-anchors ABC-7 at noon.



    1. Meanwhile, many “Down South Mezicans” put USED TOILET PAPER in the restroom trash cans.
      Like morons. We had to put a sign, in Spanish, asking not to do that. Fools..

  1. Had the same problem with hispanics flushing sanitary napkins, clothing, etc. into the sewer system I was the chairman of in Idaho. Flygt grinder/lift pumps are very expensive to repair or replace! We knew it was them because the lift stations in their neighborhood were always giving us trouble. Would find tee shirts, levis, etc. jammed in the pumps. Grrr….

    1. You know the “best part” of this, my neighborhood is FILLING UP with white folk.
      Professionals with ca$h.
      Young families of white folk, unspoiled by cholos with ugly rap and bean music pouring out of their half primer and bondo adorned hoopties. Lol.

    2. Well, many of them are morons. They’re raised in dark, quiet rooms. Like dumb little mushrooms.
      That’s why Alberto is so dumb.
      We know he’s stupid simply by reading the garbage he spews.

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