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Las Cruces police investigate officer involved shooting

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico- Las Cruces police officials confirm there was an officer involved shooting Saturday night.

Police are asking the community to stay away from the area near Santa Fe street and Fir avenue, according to a press release.

Stay with KVIA for more updates.

Dylan McKim



  1. Police investigation equals PD is done and leaves it to the family. The family must spend while PD gets fat. Lol. Madmike and his fat whitteee wife. We feed them lazy fks.

    1. We have our own mental case powder keg here in El Paso. If you put the subway shooter’s rants next to multiple personality alberto/charlie and his other personalities’ posts, you can’t tell the difference. They both share:

      Full of hate?
      Full of anger?
      Full of bitterness?
      Hates white people?
      Hates law enforcement?
      Hates the military?
      Hates Asians
      Has severe Trump Derangement Syndrome?

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