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Mexico tops 30,000 virus deaths for 5th in world, but Juárez sees fewest deaths in months

Mexico virus graves
Getty Images via CNN
A cemetery worker takes a break from digging new graves at Tijuana Municipal Cemetery 13 amid the virus pandemic.

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico — Mexico topped 30,000 Covid-19 deaths Saturday, overtaking France as the country with the fifth-highest death toll since the coronavirus outbreak began.

Officials reported 523 more confirmed coronavirus deaths for the day, bringing the nation’s total to 30,366 for the pandemic.

But in Ciudad Juárez, state health officials on Saturday said the city this week had recorded its fewest virus deaths since April.

On Saturday, Juárez saw five new deaths and 50 additional cases. Juárez ended the week with just 28 deaths and 207 new cases, which marks its lowest week for virus fatalities since the week of April 25.

Mexico’s total confirmed infections on Saturday rose by almost 6,000 to 251,165, about on par with Spain, the eighth highest caseload.

There have now been a total of 2,802 cases reported in Juárez, with 530 deaths to date from the virus.

In Chihuahua state, officials on Saturday confirmed a total of 4,811 cases across the state, with 677 total deaths.

Given the spike in cases in the neighboring United States, several Mexican border states announced they were establishing temperature checks for visitors coming from the U.S. for business or essential activities.

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  1. Mexico 5th in the world? OK.


    Lower deaths in Juarez? Outstanding, I’m glad.

    How may people from Juarez (Mexico, other countries) have died of Wuhan/Kung Flu in El Paso?

    Fair question, too bad no reporter will ferret out the truth.

    1. You know what else they won’t talk about? The fact that when one person with Chinese virus get tested multiple times in order to determine if they still have it they are counted as multiple cases. One individual, multiple positive test = multiple cases. That will sure make cases seem to spike. Wake up people, we are getting played.

  2. Jamesben:original maga/ K1DPR: Holed up on the 4th of July talking shit. Lol. Way to celebrate Independence Day losers! lol. Stay put and put on a mask losers!

    1. It looks like you are holed up in your section 8 apartment. You are too anti American to celebrate the 4th. You stay at home because you are too poor.

    1. 200K in a country with 320 million people? You are an idiot. The President has done a good job keeping the virus contained. According to your libtard scientists over 2 million are supposed to be dead. Alberto is a total moron.

  3. The country leading in deaths and infections is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!! Led by POTUS. The PENDEJO OF THE UNITED STATES. Lol. Trump!!! THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE WORLD.

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