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Mexican TV news anchor gunned down in his car in downtown Juárez

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico -- A Mexican television journalist has been shot to death in Juárez, reportedly suffering 11 gunshot wounds.

Prosecutors in Chihuahua state said journalist Arturo Alba Medina was found gunned down in his car along a downtown Juárez street.

State prosecutors pledged to investigate the killing, which they said occurred late Thursday night.

Officials said Alba Medina worked as a TV news anchor and served as spokesman for a local college, the Instituto Tecnológico of Ciudad Juárez.

At least seven journalists  have been killed in Mexico this year. More than 140 journalists have been killed there over the past 20 years.

Associated Press



  1. Question is, was he reporting on the cartels or against the local government? Typical way of shutting someone up they don’t like. Bot government and cartels work the same way. They don’t like you and you can kiss your ass goodbye. And demoKKKrats want these scum bags over here? Not if Trump wins.

        1. Problem is drugs aren’t legal over there either. Difference is that at least here the demoKKKrats are the ones allowing those drugs to come in with their open border concept.

          1. The problem Dave is the USA and Canada’s enormous apatite for drugs. Some reasons are parenting, lack of family values, poverty, the education system including Universities and many more reasons. We consume faster than the cartels can get the stuff here. The solution is to legalize and then spend the tax revenue on rehab and prevention. Unfortunately the money would go to buy votes.

      1. Murder isn’t legal here either but it is sure as hell it happens every day. Try stopping that comadre turner. Get off your syphilis ridden tractor and make a difference.

          1. That was one of the best Sienfeld episodes. I loved the reaction Kramer had when she said her boyfriend told her she got it from the tractor.

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