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Dolphins in the desert: New dolphin therapy swims its way to Juarez

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico -- For about $50, you could be swimming with dolphins and receive dolphin-assisted therapy. That's right, dolphins in the desert .

Delfinoterapias Cd. Juárez is the group behind the therapy, bringing it to Cuidad Juarez, a short two-minute drive from the Zaragoza International Bridge.

“We use the dolphins' sonar - that's how they communicate, they emit really powerful ultra sonic waves,” said therapist Anayad Muñoz. “We take care of patients who have down syndrome, who have brain damage, mobility disabilities, speech impediments.” 

She said the group sees people of all ages come for the therapy. You don't need a doctor's note, but the group does do an evaluation before you get in the water with the dolphins.

Alfonso Téllez, the dolphin trainer, says he sees major progress from the patients - who are kids from the moment they get in the water for their first session to their last.

Téllez says it costs close to $2,500 or 50,000 Mexican pesos per month to keep the animals healthy and happy.

Despite concerns that it could be dangerous - not only for humans, but the dolphins as well, Muñoz says that hasn't been the case here.

"These dolphins were born in captivity, so it's easier for us to take care of them here then if they were out in the wild," he explained. “We want to keep them here, indefinitely, as long as possible."

To learn more you can call 915-205-0529 or visit their Facebook page by clicking here.


Brianna Chavez

Brianna Chavez is an ABC-7 reporter/producer.


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