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El Paso’s restored Plaza Hotel officially reopens downtown

A crowd gathers downtown during the pandemic for the reopening of El Paso's historic Plaza Hotel.

EL PASO, Texas -- El Paso’s ongoing efforts to revitalize its downtown took a major step forward on Wednesday.

The restored historic Plaza Hotel Pioneer Park officially opened its doors, after being delayed by the coronavirus pandemic.

It was initially set to open in April.

The hotel, located at 106 W. Mills Avenue, originally opened in 1930 during the Great Depression.

After being closed for years, it went through an extensive restoration and re-imagining project during the past two years that cost $78 million.

"If Conrad Hilton could open this hotel in the midst of the Great Depression, I'm sure we can handle this (pandemic)," developer Paul Foster said at Wednesday morning's ribbon cutting ceremony.

The hotel has 130 rooms, artwork from Mexican and Texas artists to reflect the bi-national character of the Borderland, an upscale fitness center and a 7,600-square-feet event space.

A restaurant, the Ambar Restaurante, is planned to be the showpiece of the hotel with a 40-foot-tall amber glass wall and will feature wood-fired Mexican cuisine under the eye of chef Andres Padilla.

This fall, the hotel will unveil La Perla, a rooftop bar and restaurant located in the former penthouse suite that legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor lived in during her marriage to Nicky Hilton.

The hotel is designed to “celebrate local artistry, diversity and vibrancy of west Texas culture,” according to a news release announcing the hotel’s opening.

ABC-7 has previously reported that the hotel will employ about 125 people.

David Burge



    1. What no whining? You should be complaining about the lack of social distancing (6 feet) based on the pic. Also a few not wearing face masks. Hurry! Run down there with your baseball bat. rofl.

    1. Hypocrite much? Wrong again dolt. Businesses will now be required to enforce wearing face masks. Clearly the hotel failed to do that. I guess you missed the original pics KVIA posted. I like being sarcastic towards you and throw all your hypocrisy back in your face since you are such an idiot. BTW – Face Masks Matter. lmao.

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