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Nearly 9 percent of El Pasoans remain unemployed during virus pandemic


EL PASO, Texas -- More than 31,000 people across the Borderland region are unemployed and searching for work.

The recent numbers released by Workforce Solutions Borderplex states 31,205 individuals are unemployed, which totals 8.7 percent of El Paso.

“The unemployment rate includes all people who are classified as unemployed. If they do not have a job, have actively looked for work in the prior four weeksand are currently available for work,” Interim Programs Director Alma Aranda said.

ABC-7 caught up with Cindi Gunderson, who is a bartender at Rockin Cigar
Bar. She was unemployed a month ago and recently found a part-time job.

 “We are back at work,” she said. “We have too many bartenders and less shifts to work at work."

Before the pandemic she would clear 32-hours a week; now she only gets eight hours a week.

“I am still on unemployment because I am only part time,” she said.

Aranda explains, “You are receiving income through part-time work and you calculate that and they have a way to make a reduction that doesn’t mean you lose all your benefit.”

It’s a complicated system, but many are finding themselves stuck in it.
Comparing July and the most recent data available from August, trends are
improving. “We are seeing more people working so we are seeing a decrease in comparison from July to August - we saw a decrease of 2,800 people,” Aranda said.

Texas is extending benefits up to 39-weeks for those affected by Covid-19.




  1. This is the world that biden would keep for El Pasoans. He said he would listen to unproven science and lock down the nation. For what? The CDC already said the direct COVIN related deaths are at 6%. So out of 157,000 deaths only around 9,000 are attributed directly to the virus. The shut down fixed nothing and only cause more harm. Masks don’t work for 90% that wear them.

      1. Yes it’s true. You just want the COVID19 around so Biden doesn’t lose the election. BTW – Visit the CDC web site and behold. Biden speaks gibberish on the virus. Too funny. I’ll post what he said yesterday later. Biden the gaffe man.

  2. Hopefully employment will correct itself. Our positivity rate is going way down because we’re all wearing our masks and doing the social distancing as best we can.

    1. Incorrect. Only because of the extensive testing being done to see how the COVID19 spreads and to minimize it’s effects. Your reliance on that stat is warped. The best news on unemployment matters bills is denying BLM protesters/rioters unemployment if they are out protesting/rioting.

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