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Mother of young El Paso girl stabbed at McDonald’s speaks out — angered that her daughter is ‘going through all this’

Police block off the crime scene at a McDonalds where a little girl was stabbed in El Paso.
Police block off the crime scene at a McDonalds where a little girl was stabbed in El Paso.

EL PASO, Texas – The mother of a 5-year-old girl who was stabbed inside a McDonald’s restaurant in northeast El Paso earlier this week is speaking out.

Lesley De La Rosa said Thursday afternoon that she is outraged that the accused stabber had a long criminal history and was out on the streets on what is called a “personal recognizance bond” at the time of the attack.

De La Rosa learned while she was sitting by her daughter’s hospital bedside that the man accused of committing the horrific act had been arrested less than a year ago on an aggravated robbery charge involving a knife. But Isaac Dorfman was then released on his own recognizance, without having to post a cash bond.

De la Rosa had a message for Judge Francisco Dominguez where Dorfman’s case is assigned and, records show, presided over Dorfman’s bond hearing in December.

“If it wasn’t for that stupid decision he made, my daughter wouldn’t be going through all this,” De la Rosa said.

De La Rosa’s daughter was released from the hospital Thursday, two days after she was repeatedly stabbed while climbing a slide in the play area of the fast food restaurant at 9461 Dyer Street.

De La Rosa said her daughter is no longer the little girl who was playing inside the McDonald’s, but rather is now a child who wakes up crying in fear, and in pain.

“It’s even worse whenever she wakes up with pain. She’s always saying, ‘my stomach is hurting, my stomach is hurting.’ Right now, we’re having problems with her that she doesn’t want to eat. That’s because she thinks that if she starts eating everything is come out, come out of that little (wound) hole,” De La Rosa explained.

“My daughter, she’s a really a common 5-year-old. She’s always running around, she loves to sing, she loves to dance. And now, she’s someone else,” added a very somber De La Rosa.

ABC-7 reached out to Judge Francisco Dominguez for comment and for perspective on the use of personal recognizance bonds. His court coordinator said he would not be talking to anyone, including the media, about this case.

Dominguez’s term expires at the end of 2022.

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Saul Saenz

El Paso native Saul Saenz is a veteran reporter who also hosts ABC-7 Extra.



  1. This Judge needs to go! This is the kind of “Justice” that Liberal’s just thrive on. Esparza is famous for this kind of action, he is a disgrace just like that so called Judge.I would find any and every legal avenue to get that “Judge” run off the bench.

  2. Only a drug addled moron would make a statement like albertos he will say stupid things just to troll people with a sober post. A PR bond for a person with nearly 2 dozen arrests in his short time on earth needs to be incarcerated no walking the streets

  3. Too bad this liberal judge was re-elected back in 2018 otherwise vote him out. He presides over the 205th District Court. This is the same judge that doesn’t let cases go to a jury and issues a directed verdict of not guilty letting criminals walk free.

  4. For-profit bail business all over this. A whole week of their ads all over El Paso Times and now they are using these victims to push their agenda. The only difference is that they would have preferred Isaac pay his way out of jail, that is the only alternative they offer.

  5. Let it be known that Judge Dominguez ran unopposed in both the Primary and General in 2018 and will be a judge until 2024. He’s also a Texas “Super Lawyer,” so that’s cute.

  6. Get his judge out let’s start a petition with about 5,000 signatures we can get his ass out.
    He’s the reason our city is going to the drain.
    Thanks judge keep hurting El Paso’s future
    I hope you read this.

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