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Extremists, police embed in protests in El Paso, across Texas; 3 arrested locally are identified

Mugshots of protesters arrested by El Paso police.

EL PASO, Texas -- Demonstrators gathering to protest the death of unarmed George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police believe they are being infiltrated by groups trying to provoke police.

The director of the Texas Department of Public safety says there is evidence to support that claim.

“There’s violent extremists, there’s anarchists, there’s Antifa. But there’s also criminals that are using this as an opportunity to exploit to loot and to hurt others. That's happened,” said DPS' Steve McCraw.

An organizer of Sunday’s protest at central El Paso's Memorial Park, Ashley Traweek, told ABC-7 that she witnessed someone who may have been trying to infiltrate the group of protesters.

“It’s things that we’ve been warned about. Something that I saw myself on Sunday was an individual who was covered in all black, like he didn’t want to be identified, spray painting the sidewalk," she explained. "The peaceful people, we stopped him. But he ran off before I could get a picture."

Trawee added, "So as far as people infiltrating, that’s what we’ve discussed. And we’ve discussed how to identify these people, and anybody that’s agitating - how to remove them from the space.”

McCraw said law enforcement is embedding undercover agents to try to catch infiltrators and arrest them to try to keep protesters safe and let protesters exercise their Constitutional right to demonstrate.

“We did have detectives from the police department contact us,” said Traweek.

“We do have special agents embedded trying to identify criminals that are leveraging, or are using this as an opportunity, exploiting these demonstrations,” added McCraw.

Traweek believes it was infiltrators who provoked police into firing teargas into crowds at the park, injuring peaceful protesters.

“I’m worried that someone might upset the cops and they’re going to tear gas everybody, because that’s what they did on Sunday,” Traweek said.

El Paso police have acknowledged they shot bean bags and tear gas into Sunday’s protest crowd.

27-year-old Destiny Garcia was caught in the crossfire and shot with what she believes was a beanbag. She suffered a large six-inch-wide bruise on her right leg.

Police said two officers were hurt when someone in the protest crowd threw back a tear gas canister initially shot into the crowd by police.

Three people were arrested, but were not connected to officer’s injuries.

(Mugshots of protesters arrested by El Paso police.)

Authorities on Wednesday identified them as 23-year-old Demetrio Martinez, 24-year-old Abraham Urueta and 25-year old Andre Jefferson. The trio were all charged with riot participation.

The Texas governor’s office has also released a threat assessment report showing what the DPS is identifying as domestic terrorist groups.

Saul Saenz

El Paso native Saul Saenz is a veteran reporter who also hosts ABC-7 Extra.



    1. What about the neo-Nazis and White Supremacists the DPS says are also trying to infiltrate protesters? Senator Marco Rubio’s committee spoke about these groups last week.

      1. The white supremacists and nazis are the protesters. They call themselves antifa and liberal whites to hide their true identity and goal.

    2. I’m looking forward to seeing them come out to the suburbs. There is a video going viral showing what happens to coward antifas that decided to visit the suburbs to raise hell. In all places Commiefornia. They actually get run out of town wearing only their underwear. No shots fired.

    1. Hell the same guy that predicted mass deaths all over the world has retracted his predictions. He said 90,000 deaths would happen in Sweden. Only 4,000 deaths. Said 2.1 million would die. Not even close. So now he says, I guess it was not as bad as I thought. In addition he says, social distancing and masks were not really necessary. The disease would have spread regardless of the precautions put in place. Must be a surprise to the idiots insulting Mr Trump and the decent people that post here. Imagine that.

  1. It’s easy to get fooled by these jerks. Even Trump Jr got fooled by a white nationalist group posing as ANTIFA on Twitter. Cooler heads should and will prevail.

    1. Not enough whtes in El Paso for that. Nope clearly 90% Hispanic attendance from what I saw. BTW – Aren’t the white guy that lives in either a trailer or hovel in Socorro? Confirmed via EPCAD if your name is correct.

    2. Demetrio MARTINEZ, Abraham URUETA, and Andre Jefferson (black guy). Yeah you know I’ll tell you hwat Steve, white nationalists sure are a diverse bunch they aren’t even white!

      1. But Steve on Resler wouldn’t know that or the truth since he never attended the MAGA rally. He is a well known local anti-Trumper that spreads disinformation. But he will still pass out fake news like Beto’s crowd was bigger and everyone was bussed to the El Paso rally from out of state.

  2. Facts. 2019 9 unarmed black men were shot by police, 19 white unarmed men were shot by police.
    I don’t see where there were any riots or concerned about unarmed white men being shot. Then after investigation, the police were justified. Liberal judges said that.

    1. City manager where was the enforcement to stop this rally? Congregating at a park for a rally should have been stopped by city police way before it brought in more participants

  3. It isn’t helping your argument to call Steve on Resler an idiot when you appear to be governing the realm of same on this blog.

  4. Nano Dave- were any of the unarmed Black men shot by Black cops. if so what percentage?. And what race was the Liberal judges,who usually seat an all White jury like RODNEY KING? 🤔

    1. Yes foreword. black men were shot by black cops.Liberal judges appointed by obumer are the ones that let the cops go. Are they racists or do they have no choice but to let them go because the JURY said not guilty. You tell me.

  5. Per my comments at 2pm at infiltration Agent Provacatur on here and at protestors watching news to identify the professional agitators behavior and attire like our own Fero2a, & MadMike NanoDave to name a few. BTW whatever happened to radical Right infiltration agent known as GEEDUBBS?🤔

  6. This is why we need to infiltrate ANTIFA! The FBI Warns Of ‘At Home’ Attacks Against Law Enforcement. The Boston field office of the FBI issued a stern warning this week about law enforcement being targeted at their homes. In the Internal Document, obtained by ABC 5, it says that the F.B.I. had “received credible intelligence that rioters are looking for officers’ home addresses via public records.” The report comes after two men were charged with criminal trespass after they were found in the backyard of a Chicago Police officer with a gasoline can.

    1. Credible reports are out that antifa has been planning the latest insurgency that we see for the past 3 1/2 years ever since crooked Hillary lost the 2016 election. Their goal like good Communists is to sow political discord and disruption. So far it has been a failure and they outed themselves like morons. It turns out many are lawyers, doctors and college professors. Most are dumb sheeple.

  7. Who needs Antifa when armed government thugs occupy the Lincoln Memorial and threaten to shoot anybody that comes up the stairs. You should be worried of the threat from within like Dear Leader Trump and his SS police manhandling peaceful protesters just so King Trump can photo-OP for his Evangelical hypocrites. No wonder so many Generals and Presidents are speaking up. It is because our Constitution is under constant threat from Hitler-Mussolini wannabe Trump.

    1. Only Confederate monuments. Tear down monuments that represent racial oppression and Jim Crow laws. You wouldn’t know anything about that you uneducated fool! Go back to Second Grade and they will tell you all about it, big mouth.

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