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2nd El Paso man arrested in July 4th melee that left him shot, woman punched in face, man stabbed

Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez

EL PASO, Texas -- A second man has now been arrested in a stabbing and shooting incident that took place in northeast El Paso over the July Fourth weekend, police said Tuesday.

24-year-old Luis Hernandez was taken into police custody after he was released from the hospital on Monday.

Hernandez had been recovering from a gunshot wound but is now facing aggravated assault charges.

The incident happened at a mobile home park along Titanic Avenue after a woman asked a large “unruly group” of people who had gathered to quiet down.

Investigators said the woman was then punched in the face and a man who went to her aid was stabbed.

Police said the stabbing victim, who was licensed for concealed carry, pulled out his gun in self-defense and shot Hernandez.

Earlier, police had arrested Samuel Ozuna, also 24, on an assault charge for allegedly punching the woman.

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