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El Paso FBI office warns of increased risk of QR code scams

EL PASO, Texas — The Federal Bureau of Investigation says they have seen an increased risk of QR code scams around the nation as more businesses move to barcodes during the pandemic. 

Special Agent Paul Davis, the supervisor for the computer intrusion program for the El Paso FBI office, says these scams have not popped up yet in the Borderland area, but there are concerns to be on the look out for them.

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Hackers could switch out the QR code and send you to another website where they can steal your personal and private information off your device. 

A lot of restaurants are using QR codes in place of menus. Davis says to always make sure you are scanning something from a trusted business. There’s also a big difference to consider when looking at a legit QR code and a scam code. 

“Remember a QR code is for you to get information only, not for them to send you more cookies or other things where they can have an opening into your phone, or to whatever device you may be using,” Davis explained. 

Davis also says you can download QR scanners on your phone that have a built-in security. They do have a small cost associated with the app, though.

Dylan McKim


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