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‘I am in shock’: Fabens seniors pose for group graduation photo without social distancing or masks

Fabens seniors take photo without social distancing
ABC-7 viewer
Fabens seniors pose for photo without social distancing.

FABENS, Texas -- May graduations have been canceled to prevent the spread of Covid-19, but one photo surfacing on social media shows seniors at Fabens High School not following social distancing guidelines with their celebration.

The photo was sent to ABC-7 by a viewer who wrote, "No masks, no social distancing, no care what so ever! Fabens will have a rise on Covid! I am in shock they did this!"

The photo taken last week shows nearly 65 students huddled together for a photo with what appears to be only one person wearing a mask.

The Fabens Independent School District denied have any connection to the celebrator photo.

FISD issued a statement that read in part, "The Fabens Independent School District, nor any of its entities, was affiliated with organizing the parade nor any activities that followed. The Fabens ISD takes social distancing guidelines seriously as the safety of the students is our number one priority."

Dr. Hector Ocaranza, the El Paso County/City Health Authority declined to comment specifically on the photo, but during an El Paso City Council meeting on Wednesday, he said there were risks to not following the guidelines.

"These children and young people can bring the virus to other households and people who are considered high risk, so we need to be careful," observed Dr. Ocaranza.

Social distancing will be the best way to prevent the spread of the virus, according to the county's top doctor.

"That’s the way that we’re going to be victorious against this pandemic, but it takes everybody to use prevention," Dr. Ocaranza noted, adding that "we know that we’re going to be living with the virus."

If we aren't careful now, he warned the virus will come back.

He told El Paso leaders, "We need to plan for second wave, a second wave is coming once people let guard down and don’t practice social distancing."

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Shelby Montgomery

Las Cruces native Shelby Montgomery is an ABC-7 reporter who also co-anchors Good Morning El Paso weekends.



  1. When I was their age, I thought I was bullet proof too. Kids will be kids and do stupid things. Nothing can be done about it either. Its been that way since we started walking upright.

      1. The original maga…..they are retardicans!!!!! Corona is fake and no need for masks!!! Even the pendejo in charge that looks like YOU is not wearing one!!! Go Fabens!!!! No need to wear them. The orange monkey ain’t wearing one so suck it!!!!!!!

      2. The Governor of Texas, along with his Attorney General made it clear to one term germ Margo, that you can not arrest, cite or fine anyone for not wearing a mask. Private property owners can require it for entry. These “orders” are NOT laws

  2. We love trump!!!!! Don’t wear a mask!!!!! We have it aALL under control!! Thank you orange pendejo! It’s hot!!! Will kill virus! Thank you racist for your input!!! Let’s get together!!!!! No biggie per the orange orangutan.

  3. What fine reporting done by Shelby Montgomery. You take a video sent in by a viewer and use said anonymous viewers words as the HEADLINE. What if I had sent it in and said “this is ok cause they have freedom to choose” would you run that as a headline? Hacks, the whole lot of youse. But will kvia cover anything about Wuhan Grisham buying jewlery after her lockdown orders?

    1. No different from any other American citizen going to work and taking precautions and practicing common sense. Open the economy and lets get back to making America Great.

    1. We should mark this date on our calendar and see what happens in 2 weeks if Fabens DOESN’T have an outbreak. Hopefully all these liberals heads will explode.

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