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Dueling protests over police expected in downtown El Paso on Wednesday evening

Dueling rallies planned in downtown El Paso
Flyers circulating for dueling rallies planned in downtown El Paso.

EL PASO, Texas -- A 'Defund Police' protest and a counter-protest in support of the El Paso Police Department are planned for Wednesday evening at Cleveland Square Park downtown.

During the days of protests after the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, several videos emerged of alleged acts of police brutality. For example the 75-year-old man who was pushed down to the ground by police in Buffalo; two upstate New York police officers are now facing felony assault charges in that case.

As these types of incidents continue to play in in the public eye, calls are intensifying to "defund police."

For some, defunding police means taking away most all funding for police departments, while for others it means redirecting police monies to other programs involving education, health care and housing.

"The issue at hand is police tactics and the use of force," said state Sen. Jose Rodriguez. "There is much division over the application of police force. We can't put our heads in the sand and blame young people, or criminals or agitators. What we are seeing across the country is a legitimate outpouring of public sentiment."

A protest flyer for the "Defund Police" protest was circulating social media, but it was unclear who is responsible for organizing it. A half-hour before that protest, counter-protesters are expected to gather in the same location in support of EPPD.

"There's definitely different ways that we can address any problems that may exist, but specifically in the El Paso Police Department, I think we are very fortunate to have an amazing police force," said Bethany Hatch, organizer of the counter-protest and a candidate for Rodriguez's senate seat. "Defunding isn't the right conversation."

There appeared to be no permit application filed with the city for either protest. As to how they will handle the pair of dueling protests, a police spokesperson told ABC-7: "Plans will be made to address accordingly."

Shelby Montgomery

Las Cruces native Shelby Montgomery is an ABC-7 reporter who also co-anchors Good Morning El Paso weekends.



  1. They don’t need to be defunded. Our two law enforcement agencies need to be combined into one. End the high cost of have two agencies in one county. Both have done a good job here. A leaner single agency will do even better.

    1. There will be no defunding or disbanding of the police. Even your crazy Joe Biden agrees with that. It’s all radical liberal wishful thinking. The latest polls show Americans clearly do not support defunding the police.

          1. Some conservatives I know are for it. I’ve had to argue with them over it since the dumb idea came up.

          2. I call b.s. I seriously doubt you have any conservative friends to begin with. Another tall tale.

          3. I’m definitely for defunding the police, but only in liberal areas. That’ll help them open their eyes the importance of the 2A.

      1. I agree, believe it or not. It is a pipe dream, kinda like the “eliminate IRS” junk. It sounds good as a rallying cry, but it isn’t feasible.

        1. Of course it lacks feasibility. Delusional at best. Banning all guns and getting rid of the Second Amendment is more analogous to what the radical left really wants. It’s so ludicrous that it is not a good rallying cry or valid Democrat talking point. Even crazy Joe Biden doesn’t want police defunded.

          1. Democrats do not want to repeal the 2nd amendment. They do want to keep guns out of the hands of people who are mentally impaired. We shouls all want that.

        2. Good laugh markturner. Of course Democraps won’t be able to get the Second Amendment appealed. Most likely an exercise in futility. That will take an act of God. Even with a Democrat President, House and Senate. The founding fathers were geniuses. BTW – I see you failed to consult loser Beto on the issue of gun control and the attempted Democrat gun grab which is real. I’m still waiting for him to come and take my AR15.

          1. No one should possess a military grade weapon. That does need to happen and I think it will in the next few years.

  2. We don’t have a police problem, we have a parenting problem. Or rather a lack there of. The same people asking to defund the police are the same ones saying not to spank your kids. I was spanked and never had a run in with police. Same with my kids. “Time out” isn’t cutting it.

  3. Mark and original. How the he’ll we go from police brutality to parenting. Good gosh!!!! Low IQ. So it was Floyd’s fault his momma didn’t disciplined him?l. His mother needed to whoop him so a white police racist maggot wouldn’t murder him? I would beg to differ!!!!! It was the white maggots mom that failed him and didn’t teach him that black and brown people are equal. And nowadays are BETTER than the ill raised white school schooters and white police murderers. Wtf are you guys fantasizing about? Dumbasses.

    1. I’ll tell you why. Kids whose parents actually discipline them don’t get killed by cops. They have respect for authority and they do what they are asked to do. Talk back to a cop expect repercussions. A very wise man once told me “I’m spanking you today so a cop doesn’t need to use his gun on you tomorrow”. Absolutely true. Even for you you racist hack.

    2. And yes dirty cops are a product of bad parenting as well. James Comey”s mom should be ashamed of herself. He’s the DIRTIEST cop there ever was.

    3. Floyd had at least five stints in jail, one for aggravated assault where he entered a woman’s home, pressed a gun into her stomach and searched the home for drugs and money, according to court records.

      Chauvin ( the cop) was involved in violent incidents before, including three police shootings. And he has been the subject of 10 complaints filed to the city’s Civilian Review Authority and the Office of Police Conduct.
      In three separate reviews from the Civilian Review Authority, he was found to have used “demeaning tone,” “derogatory language,” and “language – other.” No other details were available.
      Another case was overseen by current Democratic VP Hopeful Amy Klobuchar, who was then serving as chief prosecutor for the county and declined to bring charges in more than two dozen cases of police killing civilians.
      My point was two very bad actors caused the mayhem to us. Not systematic racism or capitalism.
      Its alberto muerto that is the dumbass. My apology the ass.

  4. How about no to both and just stay home? You’re spreading the corona virus and you will delay the greatly needed reopening of the economy by doing these dumb protests.

  5. Without a permit filed with the El Paso One Stop Shop, fee paid and approved both protests are illegal. Also against the basic reasons and guidelines for COVID-19 prevention. The protestors are showing the COVID-19 lock down is a joke and clearly justify all the protests in favor of fully re-opening.

  6. When they defund law enforcement, who do we call to pick up the bodies of looters and rioters trying to break into our homes? Do we call the morgue, or just lay them out with the rest of the trash?

  7. So, if I walk on Scenic Drive on a weekday, I can get arrested, but if I participate in a demonstration, I wont? This entire lockdown has been a sham from the beginning.

  8. Don’t defund the forces. Just Drain the swamp of the bad actors up in there. Those newbies bucking for promotion and arrest quotas.

  9. The cops should sue the rioters for any harm they do to them. That means arrest them or take their names down and have the ambulance chasers available to go for these fools that want to hurt the innocent public and the cops. New York Cops union is going to do this. About f*ckng time.

  10. Personally I don’t think either should be required a permit to protest. Freedom of speech. Just let the city/public know out of common courtesy so people traveling can avoid the area. Then again, any security needed should be paid for by the protesters. But, no way Antifa trash pays for anything, and Trumpsters have already proven after failing to pay for security for Trump’s rally that they’re cheapskates as well. Guess that means taxpayers are on the hook. Again.

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