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El Paso

El Paso police, fire, sheriff’s deputies to enforce Texas face mask mandate & issue fines

El PASO, Texas — The Covid-19 compliance task force, made up of El Paso police, fire, county sheriff’s office, and environmental services plan to enforce the state of Texas mandate to wear face masks in public.

The City of El Paso has adjusted its' local health directive to include Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive order that he issued for nearly all of Texas. 

The city’s directive says everyone over the age of two to wear face masks inside public buildings or public outdoors spaces if social distancing is not an option. First time offenders could get a warning, after that individuals face a fine of up to $250.

City spokesperson Laura Cruz told ABC-7 in terms of enforcement, this order is similar to others. “If (compliance task force walks) out of business and see someone that should be wearing a mask, the task force will inquire at that point in time.” 

When asked if the city is prepared to respond to an influx of reports, Cruz said the city is asking for patience. 

“This is all new for the community. It’s all new for the state, it’s all new for the city, so we are going to address the situation as quickly as possible with any of these complaints we ask the community to please work with us and also work with each other.” 

To report non-compliance, call the police non-emergency number at (915) 832-4400.

For a list of exemptions to the face mask mandate, click here. 

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Brianna Chavez

Brianna Chavez is an ABC-7 reporter/producer.



  1. Before some of you stupid MFers whine about rights, this is a public health issue, like smoking in a restaurant or (so Fero2A understands) paying for sex. It’s a temporary directive. Unless the idiots from BLM have a march and forget there’s a pandemic, or the counter-protesters whine because they can’t wave the traitor Confederate flag at NASCAR events anymore. If you have your silly “It’s my right to protest!” shit, go ahead. Just stay your stupid asses home. Nobody want you to pass this shot along. Sure, you have the right to protest. Just stay the fuck home, morons. Give it to your family, not mine.

    1. I’ve had fire marshals inspect my hotel properties all over the country and believe me they have plenty of enforcement authority. I had to pay a $2500 fine for having one uninspected fire extinguisher in a stairwell in San Diego. No warning – just pay up!

      1. Fire Marshalls have a very limited scope of authority, just like arson investigators. Should firemen start enforcing the Mayor’s imperial decrees, I see a shit load of law suits.

        1. I think it’s covered in Section 418 of the Government Code. No lawsuits. Public health emergencies cover lots of things and grant pretty far reaching authority to government.

  2. Went from “we need police reform” to “I’ll 3 agencies police you agressively”. If you’re that scared to be out the house get a comfort dog. I’m going to the same doctor to get a no mask permit, doctors will give you what you need. They’ll over prescribe opiods and allow children to mutilate themselves, why not a mask permit?

  3. Police over ticketing during a pandemic. Lol. Now a new money maker. Lol. I tell u the city always looking for a way to pay themselves those nice salaries and continue them early retirements, full insurance, etc. Blue section 8. Handouts/entitlements. No matter what you say. Madmike and his 5 buddies, the TAXPAYER TICKS.

  4. Lol! Ya, sure. Let these first responders DO THEIR RRAL JOB, not “nanny state” regulation enforcement.

    Abbott is wrong, and the mask mandate is “feel good” vurtue signaling.

      1. Science (if science is masks and social distancing) is being proved wrong Mark by the results. When it works I will concede but it’s more of an ‘if’.

    1. You that stupid? People have been wearing face masks since March and the COVID-19 stats still go up and people die. The only science you know is voodoo magic.

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