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El Paso

Cielo Vista Walmart manager still grapples with what he saw on the morning of the attack at his store

EL PASO, Texas -- Robert Evans, the Cielo Vista Walmart store manager, was there on Aug. 3 a year ago, and he says he still grapples with what he saw the morning of the shooting.

"My main purpose was to get everybody out as quickly and safely as possible," he recalled.

Evans was outside his store when he heard the first shot.

"I didn't know what direction the shooter was coming. He could've come behind me from the door that I ran in. I didn't know what direction it just -- getting as many people out of the building as safely as I could and assisting where we needed to. There were several wounded customers," he explained.

Despite living through the nightmare of that day, Evans is glad he still gets to work at the Cielo Vista Walmart.

"Especially for the associates and the team that was here that day, it really helped to get back into the work environment and see each other day in and day out. And things of that nature. Yes it was part of the healing process," Evans observed.

As a father of five, he says he realizes how lucky he is to be alive today.

"I'll tell you what,” he said, “getting home to my family was pretty emotional. We sat around and talked. And without their support -- they've been my biggest supporters to keep me moving forward."

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