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El Paso

Justices reject case of retired El Paso cop put in chokehold at VA

EL PASO, Texas — The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected an appeal from a retired federal law enforcement officer from El Paso who was put in a chokehold and wrestled to the ground at a VA hospital security checkpoint. (You can watch the incident in the video player above.)

The justices did not comment in refusing to revive a lawsuit filed by Jose Oliva, 76, against three officers who violently detained him in an altercation that was captured on camera. Oliva was 70 at the time of the incident at the El Paso VA.

A Vietnam veteran who spent 25 years in federal law enforcement, Oliva had an appointment for dental work at the VA facility in 2016. The officers said he failed to produce identification, which Oliva said he already had put in a bin that was about to be scanned.

He underwent shoulder surgery and treatment for his throat, hand and ear after the altercation.

A trial judge allowed his civil rights lawsuit to go forward, but a federal appeals panel reversed the initial ruling.

(Vietnam veteran José Oliva holds pictures showing his injuries in front of the VA hospital in El Paso. Photo via Institute for Justice. )
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  1. People Yelp “vet” or “retired cop” and expect the red carpet treatment? Exclusivity? Isn’t that the same as some races wanting privilege because of skin color?

    1. I see you’re talking from both sides of your ass again. You should thank that man for giving you the right to talk slime. But then again you being an illegal here benefitting from taxpayer money, you don’t give a damn, huh alberto?

  2. Shameful act by those liberal judges. This honorable gentleman is Hispanic. Viet Nam vet and retired cop. Served his country well but now is being denied justice. Justice for me but not for thee. Shameful indeed.

    1. MierDave complaining about Liberal justices in the SCOTUS. Hey Moron, the SCOTUS refused to hear this case, and the last time I checked there are 6 conservatives and only 3 liberals in the SCOTUS! Learn some facts before you open your Right Wing mouth!

      1. uxcrement for you that makes it alright. For me the case warrants to be heard for the sake of an injustice. I see you agree with the conservative judges. You are making progress. My right wing mouth speaks the truth not like your filthy caca mouth that lives in the ghetto sucking dicks.

  3. …still, VA make-believe cops were in the wrong. They should have been charged with Assault and Battery, at the least. Not the first time people abuse their power and shoot, manhandle, or beat someone. And it won’t be the last.

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