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El Paso

Family planing to open jazz club loses thousands in flooded northeast El Paso storage unit

EL PASO, Texas --  The monsoon season has caused havoc with the roads, roofs and now, storage sheds.

One family who suffered thousands of dollars in property damage from the recent flooding reached out to ABC-7 in the hopes of helping others avoid a similar fate.

The Robertson family had rented a storage shed with Sunrise Storage on Dyer Street in northeast El Paso for the past two years, which is where their belongings were destroyed.

Rebecca Robertson told ABC-7 the family had no idea their shed had been impacted by flooding until they arrived at it to drop some things off at the unit.

The Robertson family said they were never notified of the flooding disaster, which apparently occurred two weeks prior. They believe that some of their damaged audio equipment could of been salvaged had they been alerted when it took place.

“When we went to open the shed, we couldn’t get the door open, and when we started to get it open - all this mud and rubbish and limbs and things started coming out from the bottom. We (finally) did get it open, and then we saw a disaster in there,” Robertson said.

"When we stepped in there was a couple inches of just mud on the floor and we saw markings on the wall on the storage shed that were at least three feet high, she said.

Robertson said that when they notified their insurance company, USAA, they were told that because the water came from the ground level they would not be covered.

The family was planning on opening a jazz club, but that plan has been put on hold due to their damaged equipment.

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Wil Herren

Wil Herren is an ABC-7 reporter who covers both news and sports.


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