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Bowie alumni restore crosses on Mount Cristo Rey to remember Walmart shooting victims

SUNLAND PARK, New Mexico -- Restoration for remembrance.

A group of El Paso's Bowie High School alumni marched up Mount Cristo Rey earlier this week to help restore the crosses that honor all the lives lost on Aug. 3, 2019.

The memorial was put together nearly two years- after the Cielo Vista Walmart mass shooting.

The former Bowie Bears had placed 22 crosses at the base of the mountain. Each cross represented one of the victims of the mass shooting.

Besides restoring the existing crosses, the group now placed a 23rd cross for "Memo" Garcia, the youth soccer league coach who died in the hospital eight months after the shootings.

Most of the Bowie alumni involved in the effort live out of town, but the group has the goal of coming back every few years to make sure these crosses remain in good shape.

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  1. God Bless the Bowie High Alumni. A very respectful way to remember the fallen. I was a Tech Lion and the best games were against Bowie. Loved those times. My deepest respects for the fallen and for the honorable way the Bears are remembering them.

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