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El Paso ‘All Airborne’ 82nd Chapter cited for ‘dusty’ parking lot nuisance; must pay $55k to pave it

EL PASO, Texas -- The Benavidez-Patterson "All Airborne" Chapter of the of the 82nd Airborne Division Association has been issued a citation by the City of El Paso that could prove quite costly for the group.

The local chapter, located at 2608 Fort Boulevard, has their members park in a dirt lot next to its building.

The city citation contends that dust is kicked up from vehicles parking in the dirt lot and is a nuisance.

In order to fix the problem, the lot must be paved by the group.

However, the paving price of $55,000 is huge cost for a non-profit organization with a small budget.

The chapter has started a GoFundMe page in the hopes that its members won't have to hang up their jump boots.

The chapter, which has about 300 Borderland members according to its website, is part of a national group made up of those who served in Airborne units from World War II to the most recent conflicts in the Middle East.

Paul Albright, the Chief Military Officer for the City of El Paso, told ABC-7 late Tuesday that the Airborne Chapter has two other potential options available for them.  

He explained the first option would be to fence the lot completely, leaving no access whatsoever or utilize gravel screening. 

Albright said if the gravel screening option were chosen, then only employees of the chapter could park there making the lot almost useless.

Meantime, he said the city is also trying to encourage their veteran employees to donate to the GoFundMe account created to pave the lot.

"Our City Manager is 100% behind this. Tommy Gonzalez is going to support the GoFundMe page.  I have personally given money.  I have sent an email out to every veteran (that works for the city) in El Paso," Albright said.

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Wil Herren

Wil Herren is an ABC-7 reporter who covers both news and sports.



  1. Lots of places have dirt parking lots- is the city going after all of them? We also have sand/dust storms on a very regular basis do should we pave over the entire desert? Are they being fined?

  2. I wonder if the city is going to cite the owners of Durangito for the dust in their parking lots, the roaches, the rats, both human and rodents? Picking on those who served this country is not exactly in the best interest of the the citizens of El Paso. Is it?

  3. This is a sad commentary on an “Outpost” that was built and protected by the military early on and then trained thousands of men to help save the world. Now this “Town” is blatantly going after the military heroes from past conflict’s and the still ongoing conflict’s. I’ve looked around since I live in the area you have more than nuisance parking lots, you’ve a burned out house still standing after nearly 3 yrs. a woman was burned to death in that house but it’s still there. It must be true the Democrats are “in control” and will do everything they can to defund the Police and and run the Military in the ground and they’ll start with Veteran’s apparently

  4. Why do all these nitwits above think anything military and law enforcement shouldn’t be addressed? Another form of “privilege” sought by these morons mike Madmike. Stfu and comply and lead by example!

  5. Oh perfect example! Mommy357 ……they are going after heroes. Lol. Boy doesn’t take much to be a hero! You are military and automatically a hero? Lol. Fk no! Lead and be an example instead of drinking coolant!!!!

    1. Poor alberto, hates the military because he got thrown out of the Navy, and hates law enforcement because he can’t obey traffic laws and runs hit big mouth.

  6. Then we have the sorry ass Nadodave picking on the poor people who make 5k /yr at Duranguito. Classic white assholes. . Hers the skinny on military morons like nadodave/madmike/K1DPR/ wanna be military Jeff Allen the brick moron. The real heroes are buried in Arlington. These military white cheerleaders , notice all the celebrations, white boys. These cheerleaders hardly saw combat, hid, ran, looked the other way. But they are the first ones when accolades are “given”. They talk about their friends who perished in combat. The real heroes. Not all of them, I assum there are a few good ones~ trump.

  7. El Paso picking on the heroes? Lol. Memy357 is a sad military product. Expects auto respect? Fact is most join the military as a last resort. No other option! . The fact is military personnel are at the bottom of the feeding cycle. Peeeeeeriod. The losers of America! Not all. Some good ones……~ trump.

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