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Big Tex is on his feet y’all! He returns to the Texas State Fair with a new look


Big Tex has made his official return to the State Fair of Texas, but with a new look.

In just one week, the State Fair of Texas will open its gates to the public, who will be greeted by the 25,000 pound statue wearing all new gear.

Before his debut, designer Meredith Adair chiseled his face — putting on the finishing coat of strength — in preparation for his Texas-sized debut. She described the intimate details she hand-crafted, piece-by-piece, for the newly improved icon.

“His scallops yolk is very 1940s, his shotgun sleeve placket is very 1930s,” Adair said. “It’s like a jigsaw puzzle, because the fabrics not wide enough so we have to piece together each piece before we actually sew it together.”

And on Friday, more than 300 yards of fabric were hooked up to a 240 pound crane and raised to place on the center of Big Tex Circle.

“This is our bragging rights,” Adair said.

Big Tex will don this garb for the next three years.



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