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Shopping mall shootings: Young boy killed & 3 others wounded in Alabama, girl hurt in Massachusetts

HOOVER, Alabama — A shooting at an Alabama shopping mall Friday afternoon left an 8-year-old boy dead and three other people wounded.

Hoover police said that a girl and two adults were hospitalized after the shooting inside the Riverchase Galleria.

Multiple shots were reported near the food court inside the mall about 3:15 p.m., but police said they were not immediately sure what led to the shooting.

Authorities also did not say whether anyone had been arrested.

The mall in suburban Birmingham was the site of a 2018 police shooting where an officer fatally shot a Black man with a gun after mistaking him for the gunman in an earlier shooting at the mall.

BRAINTREE, Massachusettes — A shopping mall just south of Boston was placed into lockdown Friday afternoon as police responded to reports of an "active shooter."

Braintree police said a 15-year-old girl was wounded at South Shore Plaza, a popular mall. Two male suspects were taken into custody in connection with the shooting.

ABC affiliate WCVB-TV said witnesses reported hearing up to half a dozen gunshots inside the mall around 4:30 p.m.

The girl who was shot was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries, police said.

Braintree is located about 25 minutes south of downtown Boston.

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  1. A shooting in my home state of Massachusetts? Can’t be, must be fake news. Massachusetts has rigid gun laws preventing law abiding citizens from owning them! I guess what the NRA said was true, only outlaws would have guns!

          1. Thanks to the orange buffoon many formerly red states have turned purple. Us Democrats just hope the orange buffoon keeps making speeches right uo to November 3. If we can just keep him ignoring his campaign advisors most all states will be blue by then.

  2. Yes, thank you NRA. Because of you decent people can defend themselves against those that want to take our freedom or lives from us. Bet you, like most mass shootings, the shooter had ILLEGAL firearms. Just like the shooter at Walmart, Colorado, and all the shooters in Chicago. The slime stole the guns or purchased them illegally from some demoKKKrat scum.

      1. My mom actually asked me to stop wearing my MAGA hat and Trump 2020 mask because she’s worried about my safety. It shouldn’t have to be that way.

          1. Oh please. Obama’s been out of office for 3 years. The corruption and ineptness is over. Your previous comment tells me all I need to know about you lack of character and intelligence. I am a hard working, tax paying American who happens to be a big tipper and because I wear a hat that supports my country and our President you feel I shouldn’t have been served a meal. I feel sorry for any of the customers who visited your 1 star hotel if that is your attitude. I bet if you disagreed with them you put bed bugs in their room. It’s disturbing that you once worked in the service industry.

          2. I don’t wear political items,but if I saw someone attack another person for wearing a hat,I would come to their aid.

        1. Original maga that’s what happens when people can’t keep their mouth shut. Their is a reason why voting exists. But people waste all damn day trying to “prove” their point. Just like the morons K1DPR, madmike, Gee dubb, Jamesben, bigoof.

  3. Thanks NRA. Now anybody can buy high powered automatic weapons and shoot other people to their heart’s content. Just show your Decent People Card before you buy your machine gun. That’ll make everything ok.

  4. Anti-Immigrant and White Nationalist Patrick Crusius carried out the worst mass shooting of Latinos ever, and the weapon was Legally purchased in Allen Texas.
    Didn’t see Wayne LaPierre telling the families of the survivors why a WASR-10 rifle (equivalent to AK47) is a must have rifle for gun enthusiasts! Way to go NRA!

    1. Go! NRA! Keep us free from dopes that misconstrue the facts to meet their delusional intent. What Marxists don’t like is that decent folks will fight with what ever weapon they can legally get a hold of. Federal agents have not identified where the accused gunman, Patrick Crusius, purchased the weapon he used in deadly attack in El Paso. The system broke down for one crazy maniac but that does not make the rest of us who buy guns to protect ourselves killers like most demoKKKrats. Abortion kills millions of black babies and they are still allowed to legally kill them. Idiots posting here never mention that. I wonder why.

      1. What do “marxists” have to do with it? Exactly what is it you need protection from? I don’t need protection from anything. Do you have Apaches in your neighborhood?

        1. Protection from people like you. I went to pick up carry out this evening from a local dinning establishment with my MAGA hat on. I was treated like a leper. Low class liberals in the service industry shouldn’t be allowed. They only care about themselves.

          1. I would double check that food for a big booger. You don’t do that around here. Exactly my point. You are hell bent in shoving down your beliefs on people then take it. Not very smart. Your momma is smarter than you by far.

      2. What does abortion have to do with your gun illness? Aren’t you a male? If so, abortion is none of your business nor mine either. Last I checked, we can’t get pregnant.

          1. You can’t get pregnant. Its none of your business. If you sre against abortion, then I suggest that you not have one. While we’re at it, if you’re against gay marraige, don’t marry a gay person. You’ll be just fine.

        1. Not according to the Democrats. They actually believe a man can have a period and get pregnant. A man can be woman. A woman can be a man. Ignorance. So much or your science theories dumb butt.

  5. Dummy Dave ranting about Marx, Black babies, decency, Democrats. You are all over the Idiot Map trying to prove that high powered guns are Necessary to protect you “rights.” Typical false patriot portraying himself as a the guardian against Democrats who are anti-gun, baby killers, and anti “Merican.” When there are millions of high powered rifles for sale all over the place, it is only a matter of time before someone, whether sane or crazy, Democrat or Republican uses it to kill innocent people, and that’s blood on the hands of NRA.

    1. I know you don’t give a damn about black babies losing their lives to abortion. So try this little info. Cultural Marxism it is a purge and re-purge system with over 160 million Deaths linked to it. The people ends up in a CCP state run slavery system controlled by Government. Where 200 of the top CCP members are Billionaires based on the State slavery of Minorities and Intellectual thefts from other Cultures. .

  6. It is becoming apparent that nadodave might benefit from some mental health care and the meds that could help him with paranoid schizophrenia. This last few posts of his demonstrate that he is ill to even a layman.

    1. The pot calling the kettle black. Look in the mirror moron. You are the psycho running dozens of alias names on this blog and even talk to yourself. Denying you are a total nut job? LMAO.

  7. Very sad indeed. The right wingers are stuck in Trump’s vision of 1950’s America where women had no personal choice on anything whether it was to have children, to manage household finances, or to work outside the home. Where gay people kept themselves in the closet all their lives. Where Black people weren’t even allowed to buy a soda at Woolworths or vote without paying poll tax and passing a test. Sorry guys! That’s the old America. There is a revolution in 2020 that cannot be stopped and your pathetic guy inpersonating as president is everything America in 2020 does NOT represent. Bye bye Donnie. #BIDEN/HARRISS2020!

  8. Too bad your mother didn’t do the right thing with you back in the 50s. There will be no communist revolution in this country moron. Not run off to Venezuela.

    1. You need to learn what communism is. You use that word continually and have not a clue as to what it means. You’re also unclear on the word socialism. Until you can figure out what these terms mean, maybe you should figure out a more correct way to argue your points. You are not helping your argument by using these terms incorrectly.

  9. Fero didn’t have a mother. He was hatched from a Snake egg. Hence the fangs that come out whenever he is furious anytime anyone tells him the facts of life. Sad old man stuck in his old ways. Get out your old VCR and watch your Leave to Beaver, and Petty Coat Junction TV series marathon tapes. #BIDEN/HARRIS2020. Bye bye Donnie!

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