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Community Champion: El Paso 12-year-old shares knowledge of sports through podcast

EL PASO, Texas -- Lane Frank is an expert when it comes to sports, and he's only 12-years-old.

Frank just doesn't like watching sports and learning about sports history, he also loves talking about it.

Frank needed an outlet, and that led to him starting a podcast that combined both his love of sports, and also broadcasting.

"I basically started liking sports when I was like 7, 8 years old," Frank said. "I learned more every year, watching more games to grow the sports knowledge."

The name for Frank's podcast is called "Schoolyard Sports."

He tapes an episode every week and then uploads it to YouTube.

The production of the show is top notch, complete with music and animations.

Frank says he plans to study broadcasting in college and that the podcast is a great way to get in some practice.

"You know it's something to do during quarantine, during all this coronavirus stuff," Frank said. "I hope to make it my job when I'm older like a full time, so that's basically what I'm trying to do with it."

Frank is taking it one step at a time, and he's open to critique, even if that comes from his own family who told him to slow down in his delivery.

"Most of the feedback that I've gotten is to slow down and that the content is perfect," Frank said. "I guess since I've done my first episode I've slowed down a lot, I've been a lot more enthusiastic, I use to be monotone, so I think it's improved a lot."

Frank has got the drive and determination, and he's confident his podcast will pick up steam.

"Just trying to grow it, to be the best sports podcast in the world," Frank said.

Lane Frank has been named this week's Community Champion sponsored Albertsons and the El Paso Community Foundation.

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Adrian Ochoa

Adrian Ochoa is ABC-7’s Sports Director.


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