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Families in mourning for 7 killed in downtown El Paso car crash fleeing Border Patrol

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EL PASO, Texas -- Several families that have suffered deeply following the deadly car crash that followed a Border Patrol chase last week, leaving 7 people dead and another 3 seriously hurt, are now getting back the remains of their loved ones.

An official close to the case told ABC-7 on Tuesday that authorities had now identified nine of the ten people involved in the crash.

Authorities were reportedly struggling to identify that final person involved because they were found to have forged identification papers.

Among those in mourning is Patricia Torres, who said she picked up the remains of her 18-year-old son Gustavo Cervantes on Tuesday.

She and several other families in mourning still have questions about the specific circumstances of that crash, which occurred near the intersection of Paisano Street and San Antonio Avenue and what led up to it.

These questions have intensified after she spoke with several witnesses to the crash. She now intends to hire an attorney and explore her legal options once her son is buried.

Of the ten people either killed or hurt in the crash, there were residents of three different nations inside - ages ranging from teens to 20s, prompting Border Patrol to suggest it was a possible human smuggling operation gone wrong.

However, Torres said that as a mother she would have known if her son was involved with such an activity.

“If somebody is doing that then they have money in their pockets and my son never had money," she said. "I was paying his phone and giving him money for hair cuts. He had not purchased new clothes in months because we struggle, so I would know if he had money.”

The Torres family and others are planning burial services this week now that those remains are being returned.

Help with funeral expenses for those families are being provided by Angel Gomez and Operation HOPE as well as the Perches Funeral Home.

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Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon is an ABC-7 reporter who co-anchors Good Morning El Paso weekends.



  1. Any word on the pursuers and why they would risk the lives of local citizens? The local retardicans tards are questioning witnesses statements estimating speed. Let me turn it around. 9-10 people were killed going 5mph. Really? Lol. I’d say low IQ BP, hopeful Daytona folk . Go Herbert!!!! Get them!!’ Waaaaaahooooo! Oh crap. The lies start.

    1. Torres apparently hired an ambulance chaser and claims her criminal son was, “turning his life around”, just like they always say.

    2. So what you’re suggesting then is that if a person robs a bank, gas station, or commits a murder and then flees the police should not pursue and just let the criminal go? Seriously? Ah, no. Not Border Patrols fault. There’s only 1 person at fault and to blame here- The driver. The DRIVER willingly chose to break the law and engage in criminal activity, and HE willingly chose to flee and attempt to evade. End of story.

    3. Alberto the schizo psycho ranting at 3:30 am. Insomnia much? Too dumb to estimate speed. He has an uncalibrated brain. BTW – The 18 y.o. coyote killed these people not CBP.

      1. Once again the Callous Idiot MensoMike spouting Hate. Just like he was taught at the Academy. They taught you well! Wait till you croak. And someone says that about you. Don’t think your family will appreciate it. Brainless Jerk!

    1. Border Patrol are LEO rejects. Not trained on anything except to check for Papers. They should have radioed EPPD to stop the car. EPPD would have followed proper procedures involving a high speed chase and then 10 people wouldn’t be dead. Bet even BP are regretful this happened. Only ones happy are the usual Nazi bunch including K1dDumb.

      1. 10 people are not dead moron. Can’t you read and comprehend a news article. It says 7. The 7 would be alive if a 18 y.o. coyote aka human trafficker wasn’t doing 90 mph and evading the BP with 10 people stuffed into a compact car. The BP has the right to stop any vehicle based on reasonable suspicion and probable cause without the EPPD. In this case they were clearly illegals. Alberto is so dumb and dumber.

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