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Identities released for most victims in deadly El Paso crash after Border Patrol chase; 5 from Guatemala

Scene of a car crash along Paisano in downtown El Paso that killed 7 people.

EL PASO, Texas — El Paso police on Wednesday released the identities for most of the seven people killed and three injured when a car that had been pursued by the U.S. Border Patrol crashed in downtown last week.

Five of the ten victims, according to police, were from Guatemala.

The identities as well as ages and nationalities of the victims are as follows:

  • Driver: 18 –year old Gustavo Cervantes (deceased) of El Paso
  • Passenger 1: 21-year old Oscar Miguel Garcia-Bran (deceased) of Guatemala
  • Passenger 2: 19 –year old Elvira Tot-Chiroy (deceased) of Guatemala
  • Passenger 3: 16 –year old Liliana Jimenez, El Paso resident (deceased)
  • Passenger 4: 19 –year old tentative ID, El Paso resident (deceased) pending next of kin
  • Passenger 5: 16- year old Yadira Barrera El Paso resident (deceased)
  • Passenger 6: 32-year old Santos Porfirio-Garcia, (deceased) of Guatemala
  • Passenger 7: 16 –year old male of Juarez, Chih., MX
  • Passenger 8: 18 –year old Omar Misael Coyoy of Guatemala
  • Passenger 9: 25 –year old Wilmer Gomez-Gomez of Guatemala

A police spokesman noted that "any discrepancies in names and/or
nationalities listed on the initial release are due to fraudulent identification(s) found on the bodies of the deceased, or information provided by the injured."

The Border Patrol has said in a prior statement that the four-door sedan carrying the ten people was being chased because agents believed it was involved in a human smuggling effort, a claim that some of the victims' families have questioned.

The crash following that chase, at 2:15 a.m. last Thursday near the intersection of Paisano Street and San Antonio Avenue, is believed to be one of the deadliest in El Paso history.

Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



    1. How is this the Border Patrol’s fault. This is a sad story but they broke the law. What was the Border Patrol supposed to do? Turn a blind eye?

      1. Libtards like markturner aka Alberto always blame the Border Patrol or other law enforcement instead of the root cause. His main problem is lack of intelligence.

    2. You are wrong. The CBP officers acted within the law with probable cause. The kid was probably looking at the making money aspects of being an illegal human smuggler. He wasn’t too smart either. You don’t cram 10 people into a compact car and do high speeds on downtown city streets.

    3. Mark Turner, you’re an idiot. Whoever was driving a compact car that was easily double over occupancy was irresponsible. Just because you hate law enforcement doesn’t mean they’re wrong all the time. Quit making shit up or back it up with facts

      1. I’ve always supported law enforcement on this blog and you damn well know it. They screwed up in this instance and you know that too.

  1. What needs to happen is complete overhaul of the immigration system so these kinds of things won’t have a chance or reason to occur.

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