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WATCH: Herrell discusses Afghan refugees following Fort Bliss tour

FORT BLISS, Texas -- Southern New Mexico GOP Congresswoman Yvette Herrell toured Fort Bliss' Dona Ana Complex on Wednesday where thousands of Afghan refugees evacuated into the U.S. are being housed and processed.

She spoke with the media following the tour, which you can watch in the video player above.

Herrell has expressed concern about the recent assault of a woman soldier by a group of Afghan men at the Fort Bliss Dona Ana Complex.

"There have been reports of Afghan nationals engaging in violence against spouses and sexual assault of children in Wisconsin, and now we have learned that a group of Afghan men assaulted a female soldier at Fort Bliss," she said. "So far, there have been no arrests or charges."

Herrell said her visit came as a member of the House Oversight Committee.




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