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Rosales defeats Montoya in runoff to be El Paso’s next district attorney

El Paso Matters
DA candidates James Montoya (left) and Yvonne Rosales (right).

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EL PASO, Texas -- Yvonne Rosales defeated James Montoya Tuesday night in the Democratic runoff to become El Paso’s next district attorney.

Rosales' victory over Montoya in the runoff came after the pair were the top two finishers in the four-candidate March Democratic primary.

She had over a 1,000-vote a margin of victory in the final results tally, with 16,363 (52%) compared to 15,155 (48%) for her opponent.

"I hope to be an example for younger generations of females who want to obtain this type of position once they become older young women," Rosales told ABC-7 on Wednesday.

There is no Republican candidate, so Rosales will succeed Jaime Esparza, who is retiring after 24 years on the job. Esparza’s predecessor, Steve Simmons, held the job for 22 years, so the winner of this election will be only the third person to serve as El Paso district attorney in half a century.

The biggest case facing Rosales as the new district attorney will be the prosecution of accused Walmart mass shooter Patrick Crusius, who will stand trial for 23 counts of murder in a capital case in which he faces the death penalty if convicted.

The nationwide calls for criminal justice reform appeared to have little if any impact on the race.

Both Rosales and Montoya called for more transparency from the district attorney’s office during their campaigns. But in interviews with El Paso Matters prior to Tuesday's election, neither pushed any ideas to overhaul how policing and prosecution is handled in El Paso.

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    1. Somehow we need to expand that to the entire state. I’ll be much happier when we are Republican free everywhere. Now that the nation has seen the performance of the orange buffoon it will be more difficult for this vermin to win offices. The orange buffoon has severely damaged the country and it will take awhile to repair that damage but it can and will be accomplished. At least he made it much easier for Democrats everywhere.

      1. Exercise in futility and don’t hold your breath moron. Texas will remain red. Trump will beat Biden. Cornyn will beat MJ Hegar and the Texas House will not flip to blue. Even Beto knows that.

        1. Beto turned Texas purple. Just a few more votes here and there, and Texas will finally be Blue. Hope it’s this November, but Rebbubicans will probably cheat and gerrymander to get their way. You know how crooked Republicans can be, just ask Johnnie Trump.

          1. Beto kept Texas red moron. Cruz won by over 220,000 votes not just a few. Keep on dreaming. Only Democraps cheat and gerrymandering is irrelevant to a U.S. senatorial election in any state. Cornyn will beat Hegar.

    2. No more straight ticket one punch voting in Texas moron. You’ll have to go down the pick list and pick the candidate you want. You don’t vote and too lazy so no big deal.

  1. Congratulation Madame District Attorney Rosales. Let’s protect & defend her from the misogynistic Repugs up in here. We Dems have failed to do in that regarding Rep.Veronica Escobar &
    NM Gov. Michelle Grisham

  2. Rosales is no Karen Dykes, my original DA candidate of choice, (who has religious roots in Northeas El Paso Destiny Family Christian Center). So I didn’t care any candidate although Montoya did bother to outreach me with several glossy political brochures I decided to sit the run off election out. But giving Rosales the benefit of the doubt despite relatively little experience compared to Mr Ears

  3. Fishy Politics I noticed on brochures that SA candidate Montoya was endorsed by THE EL PASO MUNICIPAL POLICE ASSOCIATION. So was DA candidate Karen Dykes. Shortly after Karen Dykes lost by a narrow margin I might add in general election news drops that TEXAS RANGERS INVESTIGATINNG THE EL PASO POLICE FOR CAMPAIGN FINANCE RELATED ALLEGATIONS” So yeah I sat this DA Runoff election out for obvious reasons & COVID19,

        1. Of course it does since you are both insane. Birds of a feather flock together. BTW – What he posts are nothing but psycho rants. Plus he is you. Makes sense moron?

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