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El Pasoans protest Texas’ new permit-less gun carry law

EL PASO, Texas -- ‘Abbott failed Texas’, those are what some of the signs read at a protest in downtown El Paso on Thursday opposing the permit-less or 'constitutional carry' gun rights bill that was signed into law Wednesday by Gov. Greg Abbott.

The new law states anyone over the age of 21 can carry loaded handguns in public with no permit, background check or safety training required -- which some people have an issue with.

“I greatly oppose this bill,” protester Stella Ortega said. “As a former law enforcement official you often go into a situation not knowing who has guns and this will absolutely throw everything in disarray for any law enforcement officer because you have to assume with this bill everybody and anyone can be carrying a gun.”

Ortega told ABC-7 that she’s not opposed to anyone who registers for and obtains a gun lawfully, but she’s concerned about virtually anyone now being able to buy a gun and carry it without a permit, with no training and conceal it.

Ortega went on to call the new law “ludicrous” after all of the shootings across the nation.

There are still some restrictions when the law takes effect on Sept, 1. You must be 21 or older, must not be prohibited from possessing a firearm in a public place under Texas law, or possessing a firearm or ammunition under federal law. There are also several offenses you can't have been convicted of within the past five years.

There are two ways you can carry a handgun under this new law - completely concealed or openly in a holster. Even though you can carry a concealed weapon, that doesn't mean you can take a gun anywhere. Schools, election polling places, courts, professional sporting events and secured areas of airports - as well as many other locations - are still prohibited gun carry zones.

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Rachel Phillips



  1. Big protest. Small group. 12 people? Good laugh. Governor Abbott is making Texas great. Good to see liberal heads exploding.

      1. No doubt. You’re an idiot and a trumpite. I don’t support it but I’ve kept a glock in my glove box for years. Never paid any attention to the old law.

        1. Wow Turner with the big lie again. You told us you sold that Glock to your brother last year. When you lie you can’t keep a consistent story but we remember. NITWIT!

          1. yes he did say that. The man is so crooked he can’t keep his lies straight.

      1. You can’t support Trump and be treasonous at the same time. Trumpwas the America first President. Biden and the Democrats are the ones in bed with our enemies and shitting on and selling the US out.

      1. Try it Madmike. Go ahead. But without a gun. You’ll get your white ass beat . You have a big mouth. Hk ahead and say something to a Mexican and don’t leave the gun outta the equations. Lol. White weakling. Call Larry Hopkins. Lol. Wasnt he crying like a little white bitc$? Being abused. Lol. What happen to his big mouth? Lol. lol it. You’d be the same.

          1. fero/chico, the sp1ck with a small dick already stood me up for a “conversation”. It’s a CHICKEN SHIT COWARD that just has a BIG MOUTH! 🖕💩4🧠 as does UXcremate and charlie chithead!

    1. Probably. The ones you see downtown by the Federal Court are paid, usually seniors that need the extra cash. I know this because one of them told me.

  2. Lol! Clowns, clowning. Here, let me help you out
    “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO BEAR ARMS shall not be infringed.” Period. No debate.
    And no, Leftist fools, it doesn’t say we can only be armed “as a militia.”

    1. A mental retard and a traitor such as yourself is not a “well regulated militia”. I don’t think the founding fathers were talking about outcast treasonous trumpite filth when they inserted that clause into the Constitution. They were speaking about units akin to our modern day National Guard.

      1. You know nothing about our founding fathers and have no business even referring to them. You are the most anti-American person there is

      2. Are you talking about the white founding fathers char liar doo doo? Those founding fathers? The ones you and alberto keep saying they are racists and killers? You don’ think is correct.

        1. My knowledge of the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution far outpaces yours and your treasonous trumpite filth road dogs.

    1. Hey nitwit. Who’s no one? Speak for yourself nitwit. Unless you are a LEO you carry a handgun open or concealed without a license to carry in Texas you are committing a felony. That law is still good until the new one takes effect September 1. Man you are so stupid.

        1. Speak for yourself nitwit. Then you’ve been carrying illegally. Only criminals do that. BTW – There are over 1.6 million Texans with a License To Carry which means legally. I’ve been licensed to carry since the mid nineties when the concealed handgun law first came out after the Killeen Luby’s massacre. Renewing every 4 years. BTW – You don’t know anyone else. Just that psycho Alberto your boss.

  3. I can already see Madmike and nadodave walking around with a pistola. Lol. Idiots. Cops get killed while in active duty WITH a loaded gun by their side. . Old weak uncoordinated stupid WHITE madmikes/nadodaves well…….comical. Hell they can’t even protect their wives!

  4. Charlie abdull says stupid sh!t every time he posts, carrying illegally and he boasts about it, HE’S the reason people don’t like gunners Hey charlie you F@cking criminal go climb back under your rock

  5. Stella Ortega is about as smart as the libtards that comment on here. As an LEO you always assume everyone is armed. Do you really think that criminals and illegals are going to go get a permit before they decide to carry?!

    1. Nitwit Turner aka Charlie Dumbo claims he carries a Glock in his car glovebox but I recall last year he said he sold it to a relative. Nonetheless he is so stupid he confuses the old law with the new law which doesn’t make sense.

  6. abdull you c@ck sucking snake you’re no more than a criminal. You have no say you POS, carry illegal and brag about? I’m hoping an unhinged rag head come and visits you late at night

      1. they knew no one paid any attention to the law. Thats why they invalidated with permitless carry in a right-wing filth grandstand in the legislature.

        1. Huh? You’re a nitwit. The old law for handgun licensing is still valid nitwit. Even with the new constitutional carry you can still get a Texas License to Carry (LTC). Which means the 4 hours classroom and live fire testing. Then a full background check run by the DPS before said license is issued. Benefits are reciprocity with other states that allow concealed handgun licenses and an exception to the Brady law when purchasing firearms. No instant NICS check required. Now if you’re been carrying a handgun on your person either open or concealed you are violating the law. Only criminals do that.

  7. I’ve got your criminal. Sit down somewhere. You lost the argument. Deal with it. They’ll law was largely ignored. The legislature knew that and acted accordingly you goddamn idiot.

    1. Good to see I ruffled your feathers nitwit. Yeah 1.6 millions Texans that have a LTC ignored the law? What a dolt. YOU lost the argument. BTW – You should be thanking the Republican Texas Governor and the Republican state legislature for the new constitutional carry law since you never complied with the old LTC law. Now you will be able to open or conceal carry your Glock on your person instead keeping it in your car glovebox. Now welcome Texas being the 21st constitutional carry state. Then GFY!

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