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Nearly 1,000 new El Paso virus cases for week, record hospitalizations; death toll grows to 127


EL PASO, Texas -- As the week drew to a close on Saturday, El Paso had posted nearly 1,000 new coronavirus cases in that span, set a record for hospitalizations and saw its death toll grow to 127.

Newly released health department data Saturday morning reflected 113 new daily cases and one additional death. The latest fatality was a man in his 90s with underlying health conditions.

Saturday marked the fifth straight day of triple-digit case increases and capped a week that also saw El Paso's largest single-day case spike of 223 on Friday.

The cumulative infection tally reached 5,330, of which 990 of those cases - accounting for 18% of the overall total - had been reported over the past seven days.

The nearly 1,000 additional cases was 67 percent more than El Paso County had experienced in any prior week of the pandemic. People in their 20s and 30s made up just over half of this week's record-shattering caseload.

Hospitalizations reached a record high on Saturday at 121. The data showed about half of those patients (63) were listed in intensive care with 21 needing ventilators.

To date, health officials indicated 3,613 El Pasoans had recovered from the virus.

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. Meanwhile, in Juárez, their stats are essentially 5 times ours in all areas. Oh, how many people do you know that are older than 60, that don’t have “underlying” conditions?

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    2. Dumbass crazy Joe Biden says 122 million Americans have died from the COVID-19. It sounds like he is out of control. His dementia is getting worse.

      1. Yeah, No. Biden is just fine,thank you. At least he corrects himself, not like Lier In Chief Trump. Trump has lied and exagerted thousands of times since he was elected. A few Doozies(like they used to say) are: Millions voted illegally, reason why I lost Popular Vote. My conversations with Ukraine prez were Perfect. Try Bleach, it might kill the virus. McCain was no Hero! Covid19 is a Democratic Hoax!! Now Trump and his Adoring Lap dog Pence are saying Everything is Fine here. Move along, there’s nothing to see. Meanwhile Covid19 is worse than ever. And NO. Mayor Margo cannot stop the Virus without help from Austin or Washington. We must face Reality or reality will kick us in the face.

        1. You delusional? Crazy Joe Biden never corrected saying 122 million Americans died from the virus. He doesn’t know where he is most of the time. Maybe he is in your section 8 basement hiding. BTW – I see you are still butt hurt from losing the 2016 election. Also from no Russian collusion and the impeachment failing. lmao.

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  2. Wearing a seat belt is not 100% percent effective either. But people do it because it will help them in case of an accident. People get home insurance in case of fire, although they might not get reimbursed 100%. Newsflash!—NOTHING is 100 percent. Health experts, I repeat, experts, are informing us that according to covid data collected so far, Masks and Social Distancing are most effective against the Pandemic. But of course the American way is to complain no matter what. So go at it!

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