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Just 13 new El Paso virus cases, no deaths; 58% fully vaccinated, 72% at least 1 dose


EL PASO, Texas -- There were just 13 new Covid-19 cases and no added deaths reported by El Paso public health officials on Saturday.

The total number of pandemic deaths remained at 2,626, while officials indicated there were 480 active infections currently in El Paso County.

There were 48 El Pasoans hospitalized as of Saturday due to the virus, with 18 of those patients listed in intensive care and 16 requiring the use of ventilators.

As of Saturday, nearly 58% percent of El Pasoans ages 12 and over were fully vaccinated while 72% had received at least one of the two vaccine doses.

Health officials estimate that 133,137 El Pasoans have recovered from the virus to date, which is over 97% of all reported cases throughout the pandemic. However, doctors caution that some recovered persons may still face long-term health impacts from having been infected.

For a complete look at Covid-19 data from the El Paso health department, visit

Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. 2,626 virus deaths in a county with over 800,000 people? Less than a .01% per capita death rate. Unless you get the complete vaccination series meaning two it’s worthless so the 72% stat is meaningless. The bottom line is 42% have not received the vaccine or completed it. The bogus Biden goal was to have at least 70% completely vaccinated by July 4.

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