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How El Paso plans to enforce mask rule that carries up to $500 fine

EL PASO, Texas -- On the first day of the Health Authority's new indoor mask mandate to battle Covid-19, the city of El Paso discovered not everyone was aware of the new regulations.

As a result, city officials announced Wednesday that they would be instituting door-to-door visits to enforce the mandate at businesses.


Public health workers will go around visiting businesses, like big box stores for example, to inform them of the requirement and ensure they are cooperating.

Health Department Director Angela Mora said the city would rely heavily on these public health education teams, who will observe health practices inside businesses to see if they are in compliance. Violators will be reported to law enforcement - police, sheriff's deputies, constables - who will issue citations.

Violations are a Class C misdemeanor, which carries a maximum fine of $500 per offense.

The El Paso City/County Health Authority's order is summarized as follows:

  • All individuals over the age of two (2), are to wear some form of face covering over their nose and mouth, while in indoor spaces.
  • A face covering may include a variety of options.
  • Parents and guardians of children over the age of two (2) and under the age of ten (10) shall be responsible for appropriately masking children when outside their residence.
  • A face covering is not required on anyone who has trouble breathing, has a medical condition or disability that prevents wearing a face covering, or is actively exercising indoors and not within 6 feet of any other individual not from the same household.
  • A person is not required to wear a face covering while the person is consuming food or drink.
  • Wearing a face covering is not a substitute for the Covid-19 vaccination, for maintaining 6-feet social distancing and handwashing, as these remain important steps to slowing the spread of the virus.

Below is a copy of the complete order signed by Health Authority Dr. Hector Ocaranza.

Saul Saenz

El Paso native Saul Saenz is a veteran reporter who also hosts ABC-7 Extra.



    1. Um, no. They’re no ovens in concentration camps anywhere around here. Read a history book. Better yet, visit a Holocaust museum. Bad law? Yes. Like Hitler? Laughably not.

        1. I’d disregard nitwit Stevie. He is so misinformed that he doesn’t believe the vaccines were developed and tested using fetal line cells. He should take it up with the Catholic Church and research the religious exemption to getting the vaccines. Also review the latest court cases where the religious exemption prevailed.

      1. No but it all started somewhere. Hitler didn’t have ovens early on. However, the early stages of the rise of the Nazi’s is frightening similar to what we are seeing today in the democrats. More specifically the extreme leftist liberals who are actually calling the shots.

      1. They are upholding the law. Didn’t say it was a good law, but they are upholding it. You have zero clue what tyranny is. It’s just a fancy word you dumb magas cling to like white on rice.

  1. They won’t make a dime. The city attorney said if the SCOTEX rules in favor of the Governor, which they will, all citations will be dismissed. Besides, every LEO that I’ve spoken to admitted that they won’t be writing any citations for this. They swore an oath to uphold the law not har@ss innocent people.

  2. So….I’m confused. Are theses public health education teams the ones calling the cops? Or store workers? Store managers? Will these be 911 calls? Will the unmasked be notified that the cops are being called? Do police officers not have anything better to do? Who decides if someone has a health issue that would make wearing a mask contraindicated?

  3. Reversal of the mask mandates is inevitable. SCOTEX rulings against coming soon. Dallas and Bexar counties shot down so far. The rule of law will prevail.

        1. Says the Gas Bag who never quits yapping. You make Trump proud with all your Racist, ignorant, white supremacist rantings. The apple never falls far from the tree.

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    1. Vaccinated people wear a mask to protect others. Not like selfish Trump Droids who care only not to offend other Trump Droids who want to remain Trump slaves.

      1. I call b.s. It’s to protect the individual from catching the virus. No one gives a rats a** about others. If they did they would stay home.

  4. 66 percent or more of Americans support wearing a mask to protect themselves from Covid19. The other 34 percent live in the South!! So the CDC should declare these states a No Travel Zone!

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  5. We have been through this before. No fines will be given to people without masks indoors or outdoors, or any doors. If a large enough amount of people shopping at Walmart, Best Buy, or Home Depot get 500 dollar fines, there will be an outcry from the population that will make these fines void. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Only time we can get out of this Covid19 mess is when we stop listening to politicians using Covid19 vaccinations and mask mandates to further their political ambitions.

  6. Get out of your QAnon Rabbit Hole, dummy! Democrats are for health and well being of all Americans. Republicans not so much. Just look at Abbot and Ron “Covid19” Desantis!

    1. If either if you believe that for either party your both wrong. They got you guys thinking the two parties when they’re the same. Both money hungry, greedy, selfish, get as rich as i can while in office, steal money, get my friends rich career politicians. Both sides have large Corp media to back them and that should tell you enough.

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