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Covid-19 cases on decline as El Paso nears herd immunity


EL PASO, Texas -- City Manager Tommy Gonzalez says Covid-19 cases in El Paso are on the decline.

At Monday’s City Council meeting, Gonzalez briefed city representatives saying new Covid-19 cases fell by over 35% since the end of August.

This is welcoming news as health officials said cases started to trend upward in July—prompting City/County Health Authority Dr. Hector Ocaranza to issue an indoor mask mandate for El Paso.

Hospitalizations also slowed down, according to Gonzalez- who said there are currently between 117 to 127 people hospitalized with the deadly virus.

“We continue to watch the hospital capacity, noting that Covid-19 patients comprise of just over 6% of the total trauma service area,” said Gonzalez. “With respect to the characteristics of those hospitalized, only about 10% of the new cases require hospitalization, and of those, 10 to 15% are breakthrough cases.”

Gonzalez said the majority of hospitalizations are adults over the age of 45, noting the age group also makes up the largest share of breakthrough hospitalizations in El Paso. Breakthrough cases involve Covid infections found in persons who have been fully vaccinated.

Cases amongst school-aged children also dropped in the past two weeks by over 40%, according to Gonzalez. He said the vaccination rate continues to increase in the age group 12 to 15 –noting 69% in that age group are fully vaccinated, while 91% are partially vaccinated.

In El Paso, Gonzalez said 74% of people 12 and older are fully vaccinated, and 87% have received just one-dose.

“We’re 1% away from herd immunity; I’m thinking that number is probably going to change from the CDC," said Gonzalez. "I know there’s a push to have even more people vaccinated so just be ready for that in terms of that change that might be coming down. We’ve stayed ahead of all these different factors by really being aggressive. I think the indoor mask mandate has been helpful in terms of slowing down the spread here locally for us.”

Experts say herd immunity occurs when a large enough portion of the community becomes vaccinated, making the spread of disease from person to person unlikely.

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    1. No such thing. Where was “natural immunity” during 1918 pandemic when 50 million people died worldwide, 675k in the USA?? Or Smallpox that killed millions of Aztecs when Cortez and his men brought it from Spain?

          1. Hey dope user, if you die from it you can’t have immunity only survivors can. There – now you don’t have to look it up.

      1. You’re an idiot. So daft. If you had the covid and recovered you have natural immunity from the covid to include variants. My antibodies test ordered by my Doctor shows I have natural immunity. What do you have? Vaccines that don’t work?

      2. Hey nitwit you have to get the virus first. 168770 people in El Paso have recovered from the virus and have natural immunity. That internet education makes you look stupid.

  1. Where is all that delta variant panic p.o.r.n. and media caused hysteria? Too many breakthrough cases in El Paso meaning the efficacy of the vaccines is questionable.

          1. Dumb Alberto stereotyping. Doesn’t know any better living in his libtard bubble. I’m a Yankee from New Jersey nitwit.

  2. madmike again demonstrating that he has no earthly idea what communism is. Calling the most capitalistic economy on the planet “commiefornia”. Lack of education is almost as bad as a chronic disease.

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