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El Paso City Council votes to continue mask lawsuit vs. state of Texas

EL PASO, Texas — A majority of El Paso City Council members told the city attorney to continue with on-going litigation against the state of Texas over the governor's order forbidding local face mask mandates. 

In a 5-3 vote on Tuesday, council members rejected a motion to drop the litigation undertaken by the city stemming from the local health authority's mask requirement issued in September. 

Some council members, like City Rep. Alexsandra Annello, said this litigation involves more than just a mask mandate. 

“This is not just about Covid. This is moving forward about any infectious disease, or anything, that will impact our communities,” Annello explained just before the vote. 

Back in May, Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order that prohibited any governmental entity or public health authority from “requiring any person to wear a face covering or to mandate that another person wear a face covering.” 

On Sept. 2, a judge granted the city’s request to block the governor’s executive order forbidding mask mandates. That same day, El Paso City/County Health Authority Dr. Hector Ocaranza issued a mask mandate in public places that went into effect on Sept. 4. 

State Attorney General Ken Paxton appealed the judge's ruling. Later that same month, the Eighth Court of Appeals in El Paso put a pause on the local mask mandate until it could decide the appeal. That pause remains in effect.

Three city council members voted to drop the litigation. Those three were Reps. Joe Molinar, Claudia Rodriguez, and Isabel Salcido. 

Salcido wanted to monitor other lawsuits filed against the state to see if El Paso could prevail in their attempt.

“I don’t feel we need to spend that money right now. It’s not fiscally responsible,” Salcido said. 

ABC-7 requested the costs associated with the lawsuit thus far, which city officials estimated at $20,000.

Dylan McKim





  2. Isabel Salcido also reported they are already over 70K in cost over this and headed over 100K in the next phase. KVIA left that part out. There ya go tax payers…enjoy.

    1. There have been no costs. They’re using in-house counsel. Maybe they bought an extra pack of legal tablets and ball points, but that would be it.

          1. No. I’m not saying that at all. I’m saying our city attorneys have other things to do but spending Iime on this frivolous lawsuit is taking them away from items that actually need thir attention.

  3. Public officials like Abbott and Deathsantis should be removed from office. Childlike behavior over masks should not be tolerated since they should know better and should be interested in protecting the people of their states. Comments such as the ones from the trumpite white trash on this blog are meaningless and just indicate a lack of proper education.

    1. This isn’t a blog Mark. The child like behavior is the Judge who has wasted 70K and soon to be 100K only to over-step his bounds. But hey, the only taxes EP get’s out of me is sales tax. So spend away.

      1. This is the city. Not the county. Judge Saminiego isn’t involved in the city action. There were no added costs outside of what the city has already budgeted.

    2. It’s the pro maskers who are acting like children. Crying and screaming at people for not wearing underwear on their face. Scared of their own shadows.. That’s the childlike behavior.

  4. el paso wants to defy a legal state order but wait until the state has funding to offer. el paso will be right there with their hand out. if state funding were based on cooperation el paso wouldnt exist

      1. remember when he said he took a baseball bat to people’s cars for not wearing a mask? Gee, do you think our keyboard coward really did any of that? (mark turner)

    1. We don’t NEED to wear masks now. If your question is how long will the moron leftists wear masks and continue to push the masksanity, the answer is……forever.

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