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‘El Refinado’ seeks to give Borderland a refined dating experience

El Refinado
Raul Ybarra
"El Refinado" offers new twist on dinner and a movie

EL PASO, Texas -- No question the Covid-19 pandemic can place a hardship on couples, making dating nearly impossible and putting a strain on even long-established partners.

But one Borderland entrepreneur has opened up a new business – “El Refinado” or the Refined. It is located at the Courtyard at 7500 Viscount, Suite 179 in El Paso.

Its goal is to put a new spin on the traditional dinner and movie date, but with an emphasis on safety during the pandemic and of course, romance.

Couples get a catered, gourmet meal and can watch a romantic black-and-white movie.

During El Refinado’s first weekend, you could see “Casablanca,” which many people consider to be one of the greatest films ever made.

Adding to the El Refinado experience, couples also get unlimited snacks, gourmet popcorn and drinks of their choosing, in a romantic, upscale setting.

The cost is an all-inclusive price of $175 per couple.

“I looked at the impact and strain that Covid-19 has had on the economy,” said entrepreneur Randol Trail. “I realized that theaters are closing. Restaurants are operating at 50 percent capacity or less. It’s hard on relationships. My goal was to bring something to the community that they can enjoy and be safe while doing it.”

Each couple’s date lasts about 3 ½ hours. El Refinado is open seven days a week, with the last showing at 10 p.m.

Trail hopes that if his business takes off, that he can expand and bring it to Las Cruces.

To make a reservation, call (915) 229-8064.

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