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‘No magic bullet for this disease’; El Paso County leaders discuss coronavirus amid 1 negative test locally

EL PASO, Texas -- El Paso County leaders were given a briefing Tuesday over the state of COVID19, more commonly referred to as the Coronavirus.

During the briefing, the county attorney told leaders and staff members that County Judge Ricardo Samaniego has the authority to issue a disaster declaration should it be necessary.

Meeting attendees were told several Texas counties have already declared a disaster because those locations have several coronavirus cases.

The county can also limit the number of big events attended by large numbers of people, the attorney said.

It was also suggested county leaders should form a committee to inform the county about best practices should cases begin to rise, a measure that commissioners voted to do.

Right now, there are no known confirmed coronavirus cases in the county.
One person was tested last Friday and results in that case turned out negative.

El Paso Health Department director Robert Resendes told county leaders that senior citizens over the age of 80 are the most at risk, adding that people under the age of 50 are the least at risk.

However, Resendes clarified the disease is relatively new and not enough is yet known about it.

"We don't have a magic bullet yet for this disease. We don't have a vaccine for this disease. The government cannot protect you from this disease in a traditional sense. I can't make you cover when you cough. I can't make you call in sick when you're sick. There are somethings that people have to take responsibility for themselves until we can get that vaccine," Resendes explained.

County leaders later met with city leaders on Tuesday afternoon an held a news conference about virus planning.

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Saul Saenz

El Paso native Saul Saenz is a veteran reporter who also hosts ABC-7 Extra.



    1. That’s because influenza is endemic, the death rate is very small at .1% for common influenza. COVID-19 has a death rate of 3-4%, this is WORSE than the flu by far with it having a higher r0 and a higher death rate. If this thing becomes endemic, this notion of “flu kills a lot more people” is going to be laughable. Don’t compare the two, they’re not even in the same universe.

        1. No problem, people should take this virus serious. There’s so many problems with COVID-19, one of the scarier things is how it can reinfect those who were treated of it before.

        2. I’m not sure how the President is doing, I think him trying to keep everyone calm and trying to keep the stock market from crashing and burning is a good thing. I wish Congress didn’t obstruct him when he tried to cut off flights from China the first time around, that might’ve been very helpful. Hopefully he manages to stop the stock market from crashing hard into a recession, that will hurt his reelection chances and really slow down the time to get a vaccine.

    2. You cannot cure the corona virus , its like the measles or chicken pox, you might be able to get a vaccine later to try and prevent it but there is no cure, you had to rest wait it out and hope for the best really.

      At this pace this year corona has killed 4 k on average the flu kills 4.6 l per month.

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