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City of El Paso’s health department director on personal leave amid the coronavirus pandemic

Robert Resendes
Texas Association of City and County Health Officials
Robert Resendes, director of the El Paso health department.

EL PASO, Texas – ABC-7 has learned the director of the City of El Paso’s Public Health Department is currently on a personal leave during the coronavirus pandemic, which had resulted in 68 confirmed cases as of Wednesday night.

ABC-7 questioned the impact on the department's operations during the outbreak with director Robert Resendes away from his duties.

The city offered this statement in response: "The Office of Emergency Management takes the lead in addressing operations and staffing to address the event at hand. In every department we have second-level managers to support or continue leading the department."

The city offered no explanation as to the reason for Resendes’ leave or how long he’ll be away from his duties.

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  1. I dont see what is the big deal. We still have staff and manager assesing the situation. We dont even know why he is on leave. So dont judge .
    What we shall all be worrying about is staying indoors and avoiding social gatherings. Our lack of compliance is what making this whole situation worse. Keep it up and we will end ip like New York and Italy.

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